Hidradenitis Suppurativa HS Blue Light therapy with Tumeric

Here is the video about my personal experiences using Blue Light therapy wand for HS.

I find it does alot more then the more common red light for Hidradenitis Suppurativa HS Blue Light therapy and tumeric video


Hidrandentis Suppurtiva Story of Stage 1.

Most of you are like wth? I actually just posted my first vlog on the YouTube channel The Real Witches about my own battle with Stage 1 HS.

I have found Vicco Tumeric Cream to be a total life saver.

I want to post a link here and eventually a few more to certian Amazon products I feel are a must have for anyone starting this journey!

But first up is Tumeric cream its also amazing for RH arthritis and Anti aging Skin Firming and Adult Acne.

I love this stuff!

Its sheer magick:)

I will be attempting to make my own and selling it in shop but I wanna make sure mine is as good of quality as this brand.

Till then please use this link to purchase.

Vicco WSO Tumeric Cream

Spell Caster reviews and testimonials

I have a few new ones to add but gotta dig them all out happened to see this one 🙂

Hi Jess
Please feel free to post.
I will let you know when I purchase the next spell.
And boy – wow – this chosing thing is SO hard!

From: Jessa Merrifield <Jessasjuju@LIVE.COM>

Sent: Sunday, 14 April 2019 2:34 AM

To: privacy 😉

Subject: Re: ArtFire – Customer Contact – Spellwork

Awe ty can I cut your personal info out and post this on the blog my main reason being is this is extremely common more so on the return ex lovers then addicted to mes ..but Its common love spell thing . Right about when *give up* .on a spell they finally
detach enough for it to work lol
That is so common.
And the other common thing I would like to point out is someone new coming along while waiting and ending up getting to choose. I hear this story many times;)
Good luck figuring your heart out and yup I will be around!
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——– Original message ——–
From: privacy
To: Jessa Merrifield <Jessasjuju@LIVE.COM>
Subject: Re: ArtFire – Customer Contact – Spellwork
Hi Jessa
I just wanted to give you some feedback. You performed a “addicted to me” spell a couple of months back. My man and I broke up just before he went overseas for a month. I didn’t hear from him at all during that time. In fact, we were so finished with each
other, that I moved on and re-connected with an old flame. At one stage I thought, “well Jessa’s spell didn’t work this time”. Then my feisty Italian returned home and hunted me down. To say he’s been persistent is an understatement. He desperately wants
me back, can’t believe how much he is in love with me and wants to start over. I now find myself in the predicament of having to chose between two loves!
Anyway, my favourite witch, your spell worked incredibly well. I am truly amazed. That’s 3 for 3 with you now. You are so gifted.
Thank you.
I’m about to purchase a money spell so keep up the good work!


This probably nice lady pulled a paypal charge back on me.

Now that used to be a scam customers would use to get free readings etc and paypal used to fall for it they wised up and as long provide proof of contact you usually still get paid.

This response is sitting in her spam. I’m a witch not a hacker I can not hack into her computer and remove it from her spam.

You guys gotta do that yourself or simply check your messages on artfire.

I’m trying my best too make sure you guys are getting your messages but some of it just simply out of my control and if your worried enough to do a chargeback it would been faster to just peek at your spam folder before assuming.

Just a life tip guys lol