I had a love spell casted on my boyfriend then he suddenly broke up, Do love spells back fire?


Hey, major question, wondering, is it normal to have your love of 2 years just break up with you. .. out of the blue, after casting the spells of love & marriage.

Answer by Jessa The Hoodoo Honey

I’m not sure anything In the realms of Magick could ever been seen as normal lol
But to answer your question.,

Usually when someone comes to a caster for a love spell , the relationship is rocky or having some sort of issue.

And as you have read from my listings .
All spell casts seek to increase the odds of the relationship healing, growing or refreshing in a increased way that brings more contentment to both involved then it did prior to the spell work request.

So a break up post spell casting would say to me one of 2 things.

If the spell cast was very fresh it may not even of got a chance to “kick in yet” and the break up occurred from the storms and issues that were already happening prior to the spell cast.

Or the break up is part of over all growth that will in time increase the love and romance in the relationship , which was the goal of the spell, and a universally common and expected part of being in love and the growth of any relationship. Rarely does anyone get married for the long haul without a temporary break up or two prior to that decision.

Or at worst the spirits are trying to say,
The most love possible between this person and you has reached it’s peak , there was no energies left to increase , if you want the love your imagining , this person is not capable of it, … So here is the door out to find a better , more ideal love partner.

But no none of this is any indication that a love spell back fired.
To me it states …
Either the spell casting hasn’t had time to fix much, or
It’s actually working fine and doing it’s job , you just aren’t at the end of the story yet.

Or you wanted a marriage love with someone incapable of it and the universe is helping you find someone meant to marry you as that was the true intent of the love spell. And if this current person just was not in love with you enough to give you that ever, the universe made sure you could still follow your dreams by freeing you from a relationship that had already peaked and gone as far as it was going.
That’s not back firing, that’s a miracle and blessing!!

Thank you , Jessa


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