Wine Cork Rune, Focus Rune of the day. By The Hoodoo Honey

Today’s Wine Cork Rune which symbolizes The Emotions

Imagine the difference of stagnant stuck water vs, peaceful running streams, or mild rhythmic waves of the ocean vs extreme Tsuamni waves.

Which one do you think your emotions currently resemble ?

Without judgement as all 3 exist in nature so must all exist within a lifetime.

Which one do you think you’d prefer walking around with inside of you?

If yours answers don’t match , and your more stagnant then you would prefer to be , could there be a blockage in your waterway?
Have you put up too many self limiting blocks that all emotion is getting held back?

Or do you feel your more line the crashing huge waves of a Tsuamni, stormy emotions gone way more intense feeling for your liking?
Where could you put some physical energy to balance back to calmer tides?


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