Using Incense for quick easy Magick

Want to add some mojo to your life but not feeling like performing big old spell casts?
When making my shopping list for Pagan Pride Day in Reno today a friend asked me what I use all the incense for other then just the yummy smells.

We know that certain smells trigger emotions, emotions trigger our vibrational level shifts. And of course as we all know your vibrational level attracts what you perceive as your reality.

Want more money in your reality ? Use a incense that triggers emotions that help you to reach a vibrational state that attracts money and bam you will see it flow in.

Now I have found that even though after years of working with my thoughts I do still have old subconscious frets and worries about money , if your like me you might want to instead of using tons of money drawing incense and wondering why it doesn’t seem to work for you, think outside the box.
If you have inner old blocks in your head that make money a tense issue for you . Your best bet maybe focusing on smells that relax you or bring you comfort and warmth and using those prior to a fast money incense.
Get cozy and mellow first ..then the money drawing has a vibration that’s welcoming to flow in to , instead of a blocked channel into your reality!!

Try it out and see if it makes a difference in your life!
Have fun with incense . In most places it can be bought mix and match style so cheaply that it’s great for beginners who are still working on keeping their daily life as a witch in the mellow and welcoming zone 🙂

Blessings and Love
The Hoodoo Honey


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