Mabon Magic, the Rites of Autumn.

Everyone loves the start of fall, the magic in the air, the trees putting on displays of Divine art. Football , Pumpkins, Hoodies.
But yet many overlook Mabon as a time to do serious mojo because it’s post harvest and really known for simply a time for Thankfulness for what you’ve already had harvest in your life.

But like any equinox or solstice Spell Casting for Balance is a great choice!
Balance doesn’t scream the excitement of Love and Money Spells for most.
I cast spells and have been for 20 years , 10 professionally online, and have yet to sell more then one balance spell a year ! Yet Love and Money sell daily.
So I take that to mean, Balance Spells seem boring.
The irony I find in this is it’s often , Imbalance in our lives behind the issues in our romance, or our weight gain, or our over spending or stress levels that are raising issues to make us look at love , beauty and money spells in the first place! And without balance in our lives the manifestation from the more exciting spells can fade fast because we haven’t worked on the original issues of imbalance in our lives.

Mabon and fall into winter in general is our chance to balance our imbalance before it consumes past and future harvests.
It’s the chance to smooth out the core issues to reap bigger and longer lasting harvests all year round.

So as your giving Thanks at your Mabon and Autumn festivals, gatherings or at home alone if your going solo…notice as your saying Thanks for each gift of the Harvest in your life, it’s ok to also ask or petition for the inner balance in life to ensure fertile fields in the spring that will bring sturdy harvests year after year.

Gaining balance in your life is a strong magic that although may not be exciting or adventurous spell work to do, but often times is the exact mojo you really need!

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey

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