Hoodoo Road Opener Spell Casting

Hoodoo Road Opener Spell. Customized to Sweep away your personal Obstacles!

New Fall Spell Listings !

Feeling like nothing your doing is working or that something beyond your control is blocking your efforts and energy. Do you sometimes wonder if your own Sub Conscious may very well be worse then a pissed off Voodoo Doctor’s worst curse?

Then most likely you need what we call in Hoodoo a Road Opener.

Most Spells work to increase or draw in or maybe even block energy of “something”
Road Openers seek to just clear and release any blocked energy that is standing in the way of natural energy movement.
In other words think of your life, desire and path to your goal as a highway
Some spells seek to make your car big and fast and increase the speed limit to your goal
Some spells seek to close down some roads leading to your highway so you can drive more peacefully to your goal
Road Openers seek to clean and make sure nothing is blocking you from the lovely trip your on.!!

If spell work has been falling flat, your own efforts falling flat or you just have no idea even where to begin to unwind a whole hot mess of a situation a Road Opener is your best bet.

I will need a little more detail then normal as these are customized to the particular road your on basically

And please note , traditionally these are casted side by side with say a love or money spell . Please use the custom double spell listing for that
But you can cast these on their own , I do it all the time myself and find that most of the time the 2nd spell is unneeded just needed to clear the road!
If you’ve had a spell casted in the last 3-4 months Id go with just the Road Opener. If it’s a especially tricky issue or fresh goal you might wanna look at casting this Road Opener along side a second spell choice.

If it’s money, weight loss, selling your home etc something that really only involves you I need your name and birthdate and just like a brief run down on situation.
If you’ve got big love issues or love triangles going on , tell me about it with as much name and birthdate info on all involved as you have
But please, do keep it brief. Not to be a butthead but some of you just go a little novel style on love stories and end up missing the actual info I need for the spell because you be just trying to spend 3 pages telling me he’s your soulmate lol
Just the facts mam , Just the facts lol 🙂

Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing
Increase your odds of getting what you want.

I have been casting spells for over 20 years. I also have inattentive Adult Add. I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.
So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time.

But do I know exactly how much Magick increases the odds before casting …nope
Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no
Will I refund you if it doesn’t? Will you refund me the supplies and time lost in my life performing your spell plus daycare ? Nope you won’t lol

If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail
Most fail because the purchaser was loopy as hell mentally or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave.

Your sanity in choosing a spell to be cast ,directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..please keep that in mind when leaving feedback lol

My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame.

I don’t do free recasts and don’t suggest double spells. Keeping it simple just works better.

After purchase send me a etsy convo with everyone’s first names, birth year (or statement you and target are over 18)
No photos are needed..the spells I do were around long before cameras lol
So no worries !

Click Here to buy this spell or many others at my Etsy Shop!


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