Great Tarot Deck For Beginners. The Housewife Tarot

The Housewives Tarot, A great Tarot deck for beginners!

I love this deck! I think it’s one of the must haves for anyone wanting to learn Tarot and stumbling with memorizing the minor arcana especially.

Here is a example of why I dig this Tarot deck so much.

The ten of cups, happy people with many cocktails. Could you say time to celebrate any clearer?
The seven of wands, a toilet surrounded by toothbrushes wanting a swim, If this doesn’t say watch your back to you, I can’t help you ! 🙂

The symbolism of this Tarot should have you memorizing the meanings in a sweet jiffy! And it is a deck of basic standard meanings, making it easy for you to learn the meanings then be able to use the old fashioned and any standard Tarot deck!

I honestly wish I had started with this one years ago, would of saved me a few years of slowly memorizing the meanings of the cards!

Have fun with this deck!

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The Housewives Tarot on Amazon


November 6th 2014 Beaver Full Moon

We’re down to the 2nd to the last full moon of the year, The Beaver Moon

I think of it as winterizing my life!
Just as I would run around dragging the kids hats and gloves out and checking the pilot light on the furnace
Now is a great time to check yourself on the insides for the cold nights ahead, have you let go of blocks? Have you forgiven? Have you checked your health out? How’s the savings account?

Make lists of how your looking for the quieter months ahead, are you good with what’s going on inside, good with the basic outsides, shield and protect !
If a few things could be better try to get them as close to ideal as possible , then protect !

And get ready for a few months of quiet and darker resting time!!

Blessings !

Need help winterizing ?

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey