Great Tarot Deck For Beginners. The Housewife Tarot

The Housewives Tarot, A great Tarot deck for beginners!

I love this deck! I think it’s one of the must haves for anyone wanting to learn Tarot and stumbling with memorizing the minor arcana especially.

Here is a example of why I dig this Tarot deck so much.

The ten of cups, happy people with many cocktails. Could you say time to celebrate any clearer?
The seven of wands, a toilet surrounded by toothbrushes wanting a swim, If this doesn’t say watch your back to you, I can’t help you ! šŸ™‚

The symbolism of this Tarot should have you memorizing the meanings in a sweet jiffy! And it is a deck of basic standard meanings, making it easy for you to learn the meanings then be able to use the old fashioned and any standard Tarot deck!

I honestly wish I had started with this one years ago, would of saved me a few years of slowly memorizing the meanings of the cards!

Have fun with this deck!

Buy it here on Amazon!
The Housewives Tarot on Amazon


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