My Spell Casting Services

All spell castings are 25.00
Please read the FAQ listed at the bottom of this menu before purchase!

Love Spells

Draw Ideal Lover, Soul Mate. The I’m sick of being single spell.

Hoodoo Honey Jar
For adding more sweetness and sugar to a relationship.

The Spice it up, Red Hot.
Revives Lost Passion in a relationship.

Addicted to me
Puts you on their mind as much as possible

Dream of me
Puts you in as many of their night time dreams as possible.

Talk to me more. When your craving more verbal intimacy from your quiet partner.

Long Distance Love Protection
When you can’t be together it helps seal your love.

Other Types of Spells


Contact me, getting in touch with people

Self Confidence and Charisma, also known as the Attention Freak

Protection, Run Devil Run with Heaps of Good Luck.

Hoodoo Road Opener and Unblocker

Money Spells

The famous Money Money Money drawing spell as seen on You Tube Testimonials
Draws General Money Flow to you

Business Boomer a money spell specialized for Business Owners.

Money Luck for contests, gambling, lottery , money spell
Specialized for games of chance.

My shop to purchase my spell casting services via PayPal


I need your full name and birth date and for love spells the target’s full name and birthdate when known. If not known please include a statement stating the target is over 18.

I do not use photos.

Please Read Below.

Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing
Increase your odds of getting what you want.

I have been casting spells for over 20 years.Ā  I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.
So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time.

The practice of spell casting reminds us that while we can control nothing, we can influence everything ā€“ and sometimes our influence is greater than we think.
But do I know exactly how much Magick increases the odds before casting …nope
Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no
Will I refund you if it doesn’t? Will you refund me the supplies and time lost in my life performing your spell plus daycare ? Nope you won’t lol

If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail
Most fail because the purchaser was loopy as hell mentally or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave.

You can’t force love, you can enhance and increase what is there, but it can’t be forced.

Your sanity in choosing a spell to be cast ,directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..please keep that in mind!

My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame. And at these prices can not do free recasts.

I care about all my clients, I do this job to help people but please understand I’m not a relationship


expert, doctor, financial planner or lawyer.
I cast spells, that is what I do.

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