Mabon, Fall Equinox, Super Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse September 2015 Cheat Sheet for Spells and Rituals Easy

Great Cheat Sheet for Mabon lol
And remember although the equinox was today, Saturday is actually when we will have the exact same hours of dark and light, with The super moon eclipse also over the weekend, so it’s a great weekend for saying thanks, giving offerings, protection and prosperity spells, and my favorite, making wine or visiting local wineries, or just enjoying a glass or some Apple cider, leave a little glass out with some sweet bread for your ancestors, and just enjoy the


calm of a fall breeze..And whisper thank you into the wind.

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Mabon 2015 Personal Thankfulness List.

I am grateful I do something I love for work.
I am grateful for for giving me a platform to work from.
I am grateful for being suspended at Etsy as it forced me to start selling the fixed rice I’ve been famous for locally as a tangible Witchcraft service online.
I am grateful for a new friend that entered my life eariler this year that I would be lost without.
I’m grateful for my foot doctor as my issues with foot are getting better.
I’m grateful for all the health help from all my doctors and therapist.
I am grateful to have a very sweet loving mate who is over all very good to me, my best friend, and just amazing.
I am grateful my youngest is in kindergarten and I’m getting some alone time.
I’m grateful my older kids are healthy and doing well in schools and jobs.

Still working on this but publishing now.

I’m addicted to making fixed rice mojo bags. 


So I’ve always been known locally for being able to make highly successful fixed rice for all sorts of situations. It never sold well online, think people are less familar with it. But it’s always been a true favorite of my locals. 

They say sometimes what seems like a curse is really a blessing. When Etsy banned me yet again for spell casting services. I got determined to offer a tangible product so I could continue a new shop on Etsy. 

I was doing my cards, thinking, meditating and it dawns on me, get some cloth bags and make fixed rice mojo bags like you do for locals. 

So I did and I’m absolutely addicted to making them for my online customers in the states, just not able to ship internationally from the mom and pop shipping store I use. 

So for international customers The direct casted spells are still also as always highly successful and on Artfire
But for old and new customers alike who want to try something new, consider my fixed rice mojo bags!!

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Fall Equinox Mabon in Ritual and how to work in that Mercury Retrograde.

Aww, sweet sweet Mabon that brings in my favorite season of Autumn.

There are many great simple solitary ritual ideas for Mabon, that usually involve reflections and giving Thanks for all that you have brought to harvest in this past year.
The added bonus of Mabon in a time of Mercury Retrograde is, Mercury Retrogrades are all about looking back and seeing the past with new clarity.

The combination of the two gives us chances to see more clearly and honestly the true blessings that have manifested over the year. Things that seemed like endings that became brighter beginnings, and any reoccurring situations that you handle in new more authentic ways should be given much attention and gratitude over.

Mercury Retrogrades help us to see more clearly where we harvested even when we may of been in more grey or shadow selves.
And the gratitude we express during Mabon, can help us with brighter, more authentic harvests for many years ahead.

Simple Mabon in the Mercury Retrograde Ritual.

Take some time and clearly go over the past year, the ups, downs,
Find things to be grateful for, it may seem hard but they are there.
These are your harvests
Carve words or symbols of thanks for your personal harvests into tea lights or small candles of your choice.
While burning the candles give thanks to your chosen higher powers.
And feel your connection to all the world around you.

Samhain is the final harvest and gratitude based Sabbath of the year, from Mabon to Samhain do your authentic best to keep gratitude alive during this time.
The time in between these two Sabbaths is a very special magical time, try to walk it in Grace and Gratitude.
Make memories to look back on next year during Retrogrades that are full of good feelings and you’ll be surprised how magical this time was for you!

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If your a Witch, Psychic or Healer that’s been banned from eBay or Etsy please read.

I’m making a call of action to all Real Witches, Healers,Reiki Masters and Psychics to start shops at Artfire. There’s a few of us already there, Artfire fully accepts our work. Let’s reward them by building shops there. And let’s help them surpass Etsy this Holiday season. Together we can do this. We are competitors but also as most of us know, in a group we can share customers and come out a head.
We must ban together at

Etsy is for sure Anti Witch, Our religious freedom is being attacked.

So after following their exact guidelines, I was suspended yet again, While very few more non witchy shops not following guidelines remain.
I can not support a site that is this anti craft.
I hope you all will continue to shop from my Artfire Store, it’s harder to use, and only accepts PayPal but at least it’s not suspended every other week !

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