Mabon 2015 Personal Thankfulness List.

I am grateful I do something I love for work.
I am grateful for for giving me a platform to work from.
I am grateful for being suspended at Etsy as it forced me to start selling the fixed rice I’ve been famous for locally as a tangible Witchcraft service online.
I am grateful for a new friend that entered my life eariler this year that I would be lost without.
I’m grateful for my foot doctor as my issues with foot are getting better.
I’m grateful for all the health help from all my doctors and therapist.
I am grateful to have a very sweet loving mate who is over all very good to me, my best friend, and just amazing.
I am grateful my youngest is in kindergarten and I’m getting some alone time.
I’m grateful my older kids are healthy and doing well in schools and jobs.

Still working on this but publishing now.

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