On a mission to start a mojo bag collection. Looking for trades. 

So in my older age I’ve over the years collected tarot cards, feel like I have a strong collection of those going but now want to start a mojo bag collection! I make my own of course, and then do rock! But I’d like to collect one from just about every mojo bag maker out there. I just bought one I was attracted to on Etsy, have a few from a Voodoo Doctor I’m friends with. 

But my dream is like collecting hundreds, and display them, a bit of a mojo bag mini museum lol

So if you make mojo bags and would like to trade yours for one of mine please please get ahold of me!! 

Jessasjuju live com
And don’t forget the contest to win a money drawing mojo bag from me ends on Halloween! Jessas Juju on Facebook

Sweet Sweet Money Spell, Seasonal Supplies

So recently and actually in the past, just forgot and kinda rediscovered, put it that way lol That Citronella candles for me really seem to bring in the money for personal businesses at least.
I hit a summer close out sale and bought a bunch of citronella candles at once, and have found that combining them with this season’s mini gourds and pumpkins on the altar has really kicked my personal money spells up a notch!
I now also add a sweet brown sugar and honey candle to keep the new clients coming in more ideal to work with. Finding that’s helping a lot with job stress.

If you run your own business give that combo a try! Let me know if it works for you!

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Halloween Real Witches Money Spell Bag Give Away! Free Money Drawing Spell

Halloween Contest from the Hoodoo Honey 🙂

Win a Free Money Drawing Spell Bag!

Must be shipped in the United States!

To win a free money drawing spell bag you must visit Jessa’s Juju on Facebook
you must like, share then comment on the contest post!


Drawing will be on Halloween, and Money Mojo Bag shipped that Monday, just in time for Holiday Shopping season!

Winner will be posted on November 1st and also attempted to be reached by messenger!

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Ok Go!! 🙂

Walking with our ancestors while the veil is thinning.

I miss my Grandmother and even though so far I’m not feeling her as strongly as others who have passed, I know she is there.

Samhain, Sowin, Halloween is the time to say Thank you to those crossed over that you knew and also Thank
you to the ones you didn’t, but without them, … you and the ones you knew, wouldn’t be here.

When were young, family advice can seem stupid, old fashioned and not important, as we get older , we realize sometimes they did indeed know what they were talking about. This time of year is perfect for using Tarot, Runes or just quiet meditation to ask for the advice of the thousands whose love created you. Your tribe from the other side.
They may not of been saints in life, but that alone made them wiser, and now on the other side they have a tremendous view, you don’t.

Speak to them, listen, and thank them often. Even if you do not know exact names call to your family beyond.
And know you are blessed.

Happy Autumn!

New Oshuns blend of fixed rice Mojo Bags, Magical Bags


Curled up on my couch, watching the Cubs vs Cards game, stuffing and sewing mojo bags with fixed rice for Etsy, eBay and Artfire shops. It’s the
one thing I can sell on all three and this batch is my Oshuns blend for love and money drawing and magick.
OMG it smells so good. This is my favorite blend.
I could make these forever.

I don’t have them listed yet, getting them stuffed and sewn while game is on. Then will photograph and get them listed .

The oils I use are different in this fixed rice , it’s a mix I get locally, these will run 19.99 with free shipping in the US as compared to my 14.99 range ones.

Hoodoo Honey on Etsy
Broomsticked on Artfire.

So since this whole experience with the spell caster review blog, I have questions on what do people really expect from a spell caster to not be called a scam?

I’m curious, I assume common sense having regular people know that no witch, voodoo queen, reiki master, spell caster , no matter what price, what family, what number of feedbacks or testimonials can provide a 100 percent success rate. 

You realize if we could I’d be a millionaire, ageless and married to a faithful Colin Farrell. 

We do spells to influence situations the best that can be. To tip odds in your favor, but it’s not full absolute control in any case . 

The easiest way to spot a scam is simply if someone is guaranteeing results. 

If you pay tithes in church and go talk to your priest does he guarentee he knows exactly the results of your prayers. No. I’m not sure why people think Witchcraft is going to be so hugely different as far as us making huge miracles over night .
If you can find a caster that’s affordable and can work on reasonable situations and targets, I can tell you in time, eventually your life can seriously change and improve in some very magical ways. But if your spending hundreds on a asshole over and over again and calling me a fraud because of your lack of common sense, you will never find a real spell caster in your eyes and all your rants and raves are going to do is turn off people from actually improving there lives. 
The other easy way to spot a scam is getting a reading done first then having them tell or suggest you need to buy a hex breaker etc 

I wont even read over spell work , I wont touch that with a ten foot pole. 

I don’t even care to suggest spells, I give a descripton of my spells and let you use your gut to pick out what you need. Now if a client is super confused I might say what I might use but still make it clear its up to them. 

I noticed on this spell caster review group the reasons people seem to be saying so and so is a scam are to me , not very good reasons which is why I find that forum so highly questionable. 

One whole section is devoted to if a website is registered to real names and addresses. Back in the day me and Erin both were that stupid to use our real information and we received death threats and religious literature in the mail daily lol 

No you don’t need to know where the hell I live. I don’t want that information public and your nuts if you give it out . 

You don’t need my last name either, I go by Jessa , that’s all your ass needs to know too lol
I’ve been cyber stalked in the past to the point of going off the grid and giving up the real witches URL we had because we were naive when we first started out we were easy targets. That was many years ago, but every open witch or spell caster has every right to protect them selves online. 

And I have no respect for a forum that bashes people for their right to privacy .

So if you are calling a spell caster a fraud because you didn’t get over night results on a love spell you put on a asshole who has no idea what real love is and you thought the more a spell caster charged the better, your wrong. Not the spell caster , you, make a forum rant about yourself lol. 

If your calling a spell caster a fraud because during all your snooping, stalking, nosing around online you can’t find their real name or address. Your just so wrong , wrong , wrong that if I find out your one of those types you will never be allowed to shop from me. 

If you went to a psychic who then scared you into hundreds to remove a curse , don’t sit on a forum till after you call the police because yes you’ve really been scammed. 

If you pay more then a 100 for a spell your most likely being scammed

If you hear the words guarenteed your for sure being scammed. 

Oddly enough none of those things were mentioned too much at a forum exposing spell casters. 

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm 

Use your guts always . 
For people with common sense looking for a real witch please visit my shop. 

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Heard a rumour I made it to another spell casting review blog.

I’ve been a professional spell caster online for many many years now. I started at eBay, ended with near 3000 positive feedbacks, then moved to Etsy, 400 there, now I’m at Artfire chugging along.
I’ve been bashed on review sites, raved on review sites and everything else in between. I respect anyone who starts a spell casting review site because there are some serious cons out there.
I think it’s a good idea, but my issues are, when a spell caster is then not able to respond or defend themselves against a review left about them. That is in no way fair and because these spell casting review blogs and sites get indexed pretty high on Google search they can really hurt a business.
If your going to have the power to bother someone’s job that they love and reduce clients. You need to play fair.
I recently heard, a reviewer at one of these sites thought I seemed legit, which anyone who knows me knows I live my job, beyond a doubt and I’m about as for real as a witch gets. But I heard even though she found me ok I guess, she didn’t care for a video testimonial from a past customer of mine, I find that a odd thing to be judged on, but of course have no way really to respond.

Just very bizarre to me .

Anyways so all I could do is rant here !

Just be careful following these review sites, if your gut says the spell caster seems good. They communicate with you pretty timely, and their prices are in your budget and affordable to you, give em a shot. Your gut is always your best judge.

Btw I went over there, it’s this pro boards spell casters exposed blog.
Omg they pick on witches and casters for all sorts of tiny things that have nothing to do with their actual spell casting.
It’s like a giant witch hunt just to slander and gossip.
I feel it really brings harm to witchcraft in general. And I suggest anyone into learning real witchcraft or being a proud witch stay away from that place. It may of been started with the intent to protect from con artists and scams, but it’s turned into nothing but a cesspool of hate, gossip and slander, with no real avenues for anyone to teach real witchcraft or even defend themselves.
What a negative place..
I said my peace there, I’m sure that will be deleted.
But moving on before I absorb any of that bad juju.

One word for them. Karma.

Broomsticked on Artfire

Very hard to do in business to a extent, but trying hard to get there lol