On a mission to start a mojo bag collection. Looking for trades. 

So in my older age I’ve over the years collected tarot cards, feel like I have a strong collection of those going but now want to start a mojo bag collection! I make my own of course, and then do rock! But I’d like to collect one from just about every mojo bag maker out there. I just bought one I was attracted to on Etsy, have a few from a Voodoo Doctor I’m friends with. 

But my dream is like collecting hundreds, and display them, a bit of a mojo bag mini museum lol

So if you make mojo bags and would like to trade yours for one of mine please please get ahold of me!! 

Jessasjuju live com
And don’t forget the contest to win a money drawing mojo bag from me ends on Halloween! Jessas Juju on Facebook

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