So what is this Real Witch doing for New Years Eve?

Well today I will be cleaning with Florida Water, then a bit later I will be doing a special smudging with Sage around the whole house. Then I’m gonna run to the store with my little one to get Champagne and Sparkling Cider, Then were all gonna cuddle up with snacks and watch the ball drop on TV. Then after everyone is asleep In gonna do just a little personal Spell Work for the new years. Just really mostly realising some blocks and negativity to stay in this past and not follow me into tomorrow. Then make some new wishes and day dreams for next year. No big resolutions really just a division of what I want to leave sit in the past and what I’d like to see happen in the future.

Yeah not maybe as scarey or even interesting as some people would like to believe a witch would be up to on New Years Eve lol

But like me this is probably what many real Witches will be actually doing across the world 🙂

Have a wonderful New Year no matter what you do tonight!

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Broomsticked
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When Your Spell work or Spell castings seem stuck.

First off let’s all remember love spells can take time, you are dealing with a targets self will and personal issues. We use love spells to try and nudge, influence and sweeten love but we can never fully control another
Which is why money, success, business, and personal empowerment Spell castings usually have higher success rates and less waiting time on results.
But sometimes even those get stuck. That is usually due to some form of anxiety frequency.
A example, would be, your having great results from your business money Spells, just cruising along, doing well. And your spouse losses his job. Now your business that was doing just fine, suddenly is the only income. Things from the back of your subconscious creep up, we all know very few small businesses have totally steady reliable incomes, that thought creeps in, along with the sudden reality of being the only provider and wham.  Your anxiety shoots straight up. The minute that happens guess what? Your sales go down, giving you more anxiety, so you start doing Spell after Spell trying madly to get more money flow. But we all know Mojo can’t flow where anxiety goes. They are arch enemies.

Any time you find your Spell Casting or Spell work getting stuck and doing more just is almost seemingly making it worse. It’s time to.
Stop..Drop it and Roll lol
Yes like the fire exercise.
By Roll I mean listen to music
Music is a great healer, and is amazing for blocking out anxiety
Also books, movies, coloring, meditation, running, breath work etc
Almost all of these are fairly easy to find free online or to do except maybe coloring , those adult books are a bit pricey, but a half a hour of your favorite songs will do just as well.

Letting go of trying, anxiety over trying. Over thinking and over searching for solutions is a part of surrendering and for some reason I’ve noticed alot of anti surrendering messages floating around.
Sometimes you do just gotta give up for a minute , really its OK.
When your just spinning circles, stop, drop it and roll with something else entirely

Try it , give yourself two weeks and let it roll…clean, listen to music, walk, paint, run, sleep, whatever lol
Just let it roll    Just try it 🙂 :mrgreen:

Jessa of Broomsticked on Artfire Broomsticked on Artfire

Come Hither, Free Lust Spell Perfume for Women

Musk, Candlewood, Oakmoss and patchouli bring out a earthy and sensuous mixture in a evocative scent for any woman.

To every 2 teaspoons of base oil ( 1 teaspoon vodka and 1 teaspoon jojoba oil) add the following…

8 drops musk essential oil
4 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops oakmoss essential oil
2 drops patchouli essential oil
Store in a amber glass bottle to protect your final product!


Can be used in conjunction with a Love or a Lust direct casted Spell casting at my shop.
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My new office for 2016 , The Real office of this Real Witch

So for Christmas we finally got shelving and got my office all set up.
I can do my famous Spell casting here, make Mojo Bags, affrimation sets, get Bags of powders for sale, do psychic readings, have my reference materials handy lol
And have a place to blog more! And hopefully start doing more you tube videos.
And hang up magazines I’ve been in.  Just one so far lol
But I have room to grow !

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Make a Sweet Dream Pillow

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? If the answer is yes , then it may benefit you to make yourself a dream pillow!
Dream pillows are small flat and filled with herbs and meant to be inserted into your regular pillow.
It is simple to mail yourself a dream pillow. All you need to do is stitch a small piece of fabric, ( a handkerchief is perfect) , so that the fabric then resembles a envelope. Remember to leave one side of the envelope open, so that you can insert the herbs. If you wish you can add a piece of Velcro to the open end of the pillow, in order to ensure easy replacement of herbs in the future, or, you can just sew up the opening after inserting the herbs, and just start all over again when you want a new dream pillow.
It is now time to fill your dream pillow . some of the most effective herbs for calm and sleep are lavender, rosemary, sparse peppermint, Chamomile is used as it is said to keep nightmares at bay.

I hope you enjoy making and using your dream pillow. Sweet Dreams!


For anyone who was banned from fiverr and not paid for the work you did please read.

So there seems to be a particular scam at fiverr, not the sellers or buyers although there has been trouble in the past there too.
This scam is by fiverr itself.
You open your sellers account, list your first gig, Fiverr encourages you to self promote, leave your links around, please your customers etc.
So you go to your friends, loyal return clients etc and you say hey I just started at fiverr, here is my link, I’m new there so instead of buying from my eBay, come over to my fiverr and purchase what you were going to purchase anyways because I’m new and could use the feedback and kick start.
You are not bribing them, Your not forcing them, they were going to buy your service anyways, you just said come to my fiverr, its new and different and fun.
So they do, they place orders, you fulfill the orders, they leave good feedback and bam. You wake up the next day to your account deactivated.
You finally find out how to email them, and you get some bullshit letter from their security department saying you had broken rules by self promotion, which you were just encouraged too do the day before.
And not only that. Because you were new your money that you made was still pending. So now that your deactivated , Guess what, your not getting paid. They have literally used you and stolen your paycheck .
You know how they get away with this so well? The paychecks are small. Sellers only make 4.00 per sale, so even if you got super lucky and had 3 or 4 supportive clients follow you over, the most they can steal is 4 to maybe 16 dollars
Obviously no one is going to a lawyer for that right? That’s the brilliance of the scam, they know not one dam person will sue over 4.00
They stole 8.00 from me, I’m not here over 8.00 dam dollars of my own, I’m here because after researching I saw this same scenario happening to many many people. I’m guessing thousands, probably a good hundred or so a week.
I’m here because I did nothing but what they encourage a seller too do and they robbed me like a street thug while I slept

If this particular issue has happened to you, please get ahold of me you can even message me at my Artfire shop if you need too

They only get away with this because the amounts they steal are so small everyone blows it off, but together we can at least let the media know and together maybe we can stop the stealing. I’m wondering how they explain it all to the IRS, do they pay taxes on the stolen money, how do they explain that portion of their profits, I’m sure it’s the smallest portion of their profits, but I’m curious, just where does the stolen earnings go, what’s it filed under, how much per year do they steal on average by deactivating accounts suddenly for no actual security threat, therefore keeping any pending earnings of the seller .

Help me start to get a glimpse of just how wide spread this is and get ahold of me at my email jessasjuju at live dot com (written out to avoid bot spam
Or at my Artfire shop by messaging

Thank you!! Blessed Be
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Free Spell to break bad habits, very easy, great for beginners.

This is probably the easiest Spell ever. But never doubt the power of simplicity!
This Spell is used to break bad habits.
My favorite and the one I’ve used it for personally has been bad food habits and procrastinating.
If the bad habit your trying to break is of physical addicting nature such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc  this may not break it itself but will take a edge off the process and support other tools on your mission.

Do not judge it by its simplicity, try it a few times and let it surprise you!

Must be performed on rainy days!
With a water color pencil or chalk draw or write your bad habit on a piece of paper. Immediately take it out to the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the water colors or chalk. As by so will your habit dissolve, cleansed by the magic of rain.
Toss paper into trash and release when done.

If you need a back up real witch who has your back , visit my shop 🙂

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painting by me, Jessa The Hoodoo Honey
Didn’t have a handy photo of rain 🙂


Simple DIY Free Money Spell Mojo Bags, Great Yule Holiday Gifts

This is not how I make my own, mine use a lot more supplies, but these recipes were handed down to me from my Father in law, a life long Wiccan that knows his stuff.
Great for beginners to give a whirl and great too hand out for last minute holiday gifts.
Very few non Witches will say no to a Money Spell Mojo Bag 🙂

Gather some Dried Jasmine , Mint, Cedar and Patchouli. Basil can be used in place of the Jasmine.
Stuff in a small bag, sew or tie it up real good.
The best time to prepare these is the new moon but honestly any Moon will do the trick as long as your focused and putting your energy into them!

Now if it was me a variation using fixed rice or beans would be
Jasmine oil, dried Mint, dried basil, cedar chips and Patchouli oil, mix with uncooked rice or beans and make a larger Mojo Bag.

I like big bags, I can not lie lol

Have fun with this and get witchy with it!!

If you would prefer to buy one of mine, I sell them on eBay, user name Broomsticked
And of course at my regular shop

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Motherhood and Witchcraft, it never stops lol

So I’m curled up in my bed with my youngest daughter who was sent home from school with the stomach flu after without knowing she was really going to be sick, I had a strange feeling about sending her to school this morning . I couldn’t find a real valid reason to keep her home at that time, but sure enough a few hours later she was indeed back home. So now we’re just laying here, watching Peppa Pig, she’s trying to keep some 7up down, I’m sipping on some sweet blessed Moscato. Which leads me to the story about the witches runes I’ve been making from my collection of wine corks.
Normally Runes are made from wood or stone but a few years ago I started making my own sets from wine corks. They do roll a bit more when you toss them then wood or stone, but on carpet or a tray with sides I feel that you can get a easy accurate reading for sure!
I’ve never been one to just toss my wine corks, I’ve always made Wine Cork Yule wreaths for my Coven friends etc, written blessings on them etc. But the Wine Cork Witches Runes really has become my favorite repurposed project for wine corks.

But for those newer to witchcraft, my point is never be afraid to stretch boundaries, explore new ground, be inventive! Moms do this all the time, it comes naturally, and sometimes something works, sometimes it doesn’t lol
And that is OK!

I used the rune corks to ask if selling them online would be a huge success, unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ve found the next pet rock or chia head, no , but that’s OK, if I sell a few and make a few friends happy with a cool Yule gift….. It was still fun to do, if someone reading this is inspired to branch out in their craft with their own creativity, then that is what it’s all about.

Meanwhile I’m resting next to my baby girl watching cartoons. Because yes that is part of my life as a witch too.

Blessed Be

Visit my shop for Professional Spell Castings, Mojo Bags, and of course recycled Wine Cork Witches Runes. 🙂
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Knowing you have the power to manifest, but not knowing what you want.

So I remember back when I was first involved in a local  manifestation support group. Not just Witches, but it was formed after the movie The Secret hit, and all types of people were starting to understand the law of attraction. Which we Witches knew about for years, just used different words and ways for.
Anyways so I was younger when I was in this group and had goals and desires just pouring out of me left and right. But others sometimes seemed to struggle with not knowing what they really wanted. I remember not really understanding how one couldn’t want something . How do people stop having dreams.
As age started catching up with me and having a third child and life and health taking some strange turns, before I knew it I was now the older woman of the group going, omg I don’t know what I want except a nap and maybe new glasses or some new orthopedic shoes lol
I went from creating with Erin back then a Television crew knocking on our door to make a show about us as Witches to barely being able to hold on to my job as a professional witch and having people find me at all.
One thing I have noticed and may help others who due to age or life distractions just wearing you down is first of all, its OK to not care about being famous and gorgeous anymore, I think those two things were the heart of my first years of manifestation, and we did pretty much get there maybe not super famous, but we were well known enough to be stalked !
And I look back at some of the old eBay photos of me and Not to sound egotistical but I was more gorgoues then I knew when I was in full shine connected mode.
But my understanding of beauty has changed over the past ten years and Its just not something that makes my top ten anymore.
Neither is being famous.
The things I crave as a older woman are harder to label, harder to make a actual goal of and most of it I do already have, so hanging on and protection of what I have has become important and I think this is subconsciously what may block some people, change happens, and when we shift to enjoying what we have so much that our desires become protective, we start resisting change. And if your in the mindset of resisting change , it gets a bit tricky to focus on wants, desires and goals , doesn’t it?
The way out I think, is instead of protective resistance is simply gratitude.
We all have heard it so much, but its true. Gratitude is amazing.
When we are grateful instead of clingy protective, its such a different vibe.
Gratitude has a way of bringing back connection to ourselves.
So I say to those facing new years resolutions or trying to make desire lists or vision boards and just not getting far.
Don’t force it.
Make a gratitude list, or board or celebrate the good things of last year, before even trying to co create next year.
And spend some time in the present moment, its really ok to just be where you are , enjoying things.
Your power to manifest is infinite, your not gonna run out of wishes, your not gonna shrivel up because you didn’t make a new years resolution . You still lived and had good times before you knew about the law of attraction or witchcraft etc. You’ve used them consciously now to really make changes etc.
But never be afraid to just run on gratitude and present moment enjoyment.
If you run on auto pilot for awhile as long as gratitude is the energy behind it, you will be fine.
It’s when fear, resistance and anxiety fuel the auto pilot that it gets messy lol
And if that’s where you are it can be hard to switch out of. Gratitude can be that simpler little step. If change is too scarey or confusing to focus on. Simply focus on what is good in your life right now.
It will put you back into sync and flow even if your not sure what you want to create. You’ll be right where you need to be when you eventually do figure it out 🙂

And if nothing else , my personal fall back , is to always wish for joy and well being.
It’s general and if the word joy is too intense to connect too, I’m really a fan of well being. It’s from Esther Hicks Abraham of course . But such a soft soothing safe word.
I dream of my highest well being, comfort, ease, enjoyment, pleasure. And you may not have a image of exactly what any of that looks like, but the words bring about feelings you really just can’t go wrong with!
How’s that for a resolution 🙂

Visit my shop anytime for some Mojo
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