Simple DIY Free Money Spell Mojo Bags, Great Yule Holiday Gifts

This is not how I make my own, mine use a lot more supplies, but these recipes were handed down to me from my Father in law, a life long Wiccan that knows his stuff.
Great for beginners to give a whirl and great too hand out for last minute holiday gifts.
Very few non Witches will say no to a Money Spell Mojo Bag 🙂

Gather some Dried Jasmine , Mint, Cedar and Patchouli. Basil can be used in place of the Jasmine.
Stuff in a small bag, sew or tie it up real good.
The best time to prepare these is the new moon but honestly any Moon will do the trick as long as your focused and putting your energy into them!

Now if it was me a variation using fixed rice or beans would be
Jasmine oil, dried Mint, dried basil, cedar chips and Patchouli oil, mix with uncooked rice or beans and make a larger Mojo Bag.

I like big bags, I can not lie lol

Have fun with this and get witchy with it!!

If you would prefer to buy one of mine, I sell them on eBay, user name Broomsticked
And of course at my regular shop

Broomsticked on Artfire


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