For anyone who was banned from fiverr and not paid for the work you did please read.

So there seems to be a particular scam at fiverr, not the sellers or buyers although there has been trouble in the past there too.
This scam is by fiverr itself.
You open your sellers account, list your first gig, Fiverr encourages you to self promote, leave your links around, please your customers etc.
So you go to your friends, loyal return clients etc and you say hey I just started at fiverr, here is my link, I’m new there so instead of buying from my eBay, come over to my fiverr and purchase what you were going to purchase anyways because I’m new and could use the feedback and kick start.
You are not bribing them, Your not forcing them, they were going to buy your service anyways, you just said come to my fiverr, its new and different and fun.
So they do, they place orders, you fulfill the orders, they leave good feedback and bam. You wake up the next day to your account deactivated.
You finally find out how to email them, and you get some bullshit letter from their security department saying you had broken rules by self promotion, which you were just encouraged too do the day before.
And not only that. Because you were new your money that you made was still pending. So now that your deactivated , Guess what, your not getting paid. They have literally used you and stolen your paycheck .
You know how they get away with this so well? The paychecks are small. Sellers only make 4.00 per sale, so even if you got super lucky and had 3 or 4 supportive clients follow you over, the most they can steal is 4 to maybe 16 dollars
Obviously no one is going to a lawyer for that right? That’s the brilliance of the scam, they know not one dam person will sue over 4.00
They stole 8.00 from me, I’m not here over 8.00 dam dollars of my own, I’m here because after researching I saw this same scenario happening to many many people. I’m guessing thousands, probably a good hundred or so a week.
I’m here because I did nothing but what they encourage a seller too do and they robbed me like a street thug while I slept

If this particular issue has happened to you, please get ahold of me you can even message me at my Artfire shop if you need too

They only get away with this because the amounts they steal are so small everyone blows it off, but together we can at least let the media know and together maybe we can stop the stealing. I’m wondering how they explain it all to the IRS, do they pay taxes on the stolen money, how do they explain that portion of their profits, I’m sure it’s the smallest portion of their profits, but I’m curious, just where does the stolen earnings go, what’s it filed under, how much per year do they steal on average by deactivating accounts suddenly for no actual security threat, therefore keeping any pending earnings of the seller .

Help me start to get a glimpse of just how wide spread this is and get ahold of me at my email jessasjuju at live dot com (written out to avoid bot spam
Or at my Artfire shop by messaging

Thank you!! Blessed Be
Broomsticked on Artfire

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