When Your Spell work or Spell castings seem stuck.

First off let’s all remember love spells can take time, you are dealing with a targets self will and personal issues. We use love spells to try and nudge, influence and sweeten love but we can never fully control another
Which is why money, success, business, and personal empowerment Spell castings usually have higher success rates and less waiting time on results.
But sometimes even those get stuck. That is usually due to some form of anxiety frequency.
A example, would be, your having great results from your business money Spells, just cruising along, doing well. And your spouse losses his job. Now your business that was doing just fine, suddenly is the only income. Things from the back of your subconscious creep up, we all know very few small businesses have totally steady reliable incomes, that thought creeps in, along with the sudden reality of being the only provider and wham.  Your anxiety shoots straight up. The minute that happens guess what? Your sales go down, giving you more anxiety, so you start doing Spell after Spell trying madly to get more money flow. But we all know Mojo can’t flow where anxiety goes. They are arch enemies.

Any time you find your Spell Casting or Spell work getting stuck and doing more just is almost seemingly making it worse. It’s time to.
Stop..Drop it and Roll lol
Yes like the fire exercise.
By Roll I mean listen to music
Music is a great healer, and is amazing for blocking out anxiety
Also books, movies, coloring, meditation, running, breath work etc
Almost all of these are fairly easy to find free online or to do except maybe coloring , those adult books are a bit pricey, but a half a hour of your favorite songs will do just as well.

Letting go of trying, anxiety over trying. Over thinking and over searching for solutions is a part of surrendering and for some reason I’ve noticed alot of anti surrendering messages floating around.
Sometimes you do just gotta give up for a minute , really its OK.
When your just spinning circles, stop, drop it and roll with something else entirely

Try it , give yourself two weeks and let it roll…clean, listen to music, walk, paint, run, sleep, whatever lol
Just let it roll    Just try it 🙂 :mrgreen:

Jessa of Broomsticked on Artfire Broomsticked on Artfire

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