Is there a clean house Spell ?

No I can’t say as a Real Witch I’ve found that magical nose twitch that Samantha had, growing up watching Bewitched.
But as a witch I do think that there are a few things to work in here to help make it more fun.

As a witch you know when you give away a bag of clothes or other material possessions to charity or etc. You are making room for new treasures, your also allowing more energy to flow through your home.
Clutter can kinda clog up the energy flow of your house.
Even if you can’t see into the closet you never open, energy does! 🙂
Leave it room to circulate and vent in and out.

It also gives you a chance to use fun magickal supplies.
Floor washes and Air Sprays.
Don’t forget you can use floor washes on counters and base boards and all sorts of stuff
Make your home Mojolicious! I either make my own or shop from other Witches or Lucky Mojo.
I have started a witchy selling group on Facebook I need more sellers badly, especially if you have homemade Florida Water or floor washes. Please search Mystic Market on Facebook. And join and list all you want for free.

I am a fan of Money House Blessing air spray, yes the Indian Fruit one, It smells good and seriously does lift the vibration of a room as much as smudging with Sage. Which I also do. Just gives me a faster option if I’m out of Florida Water and don’t have time to Smudge, a quick spray of Money House Blessing Spray seems to always do the trick!

Being a Virgo yes I love clean and organized, but do I always want to be the one who does it? No I actually hate cleaning, its boring, but by making it a part of Spell work it can become much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget you don’t have to have magickal supplies to turn house cleaning into Spell Work. Intention is everything. Just by using a broom you can say, I know sweep out all negative energy trapped in here.

By cleaning up a kids messy floor , I know allow more protective angels or energy to flow into this room easily

The ideas are endless. Play have fun with it!!

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Broomsticked
Broomsticked on Artfire

Psychic Readers Spell Casters Pagan Handcrafted Items Reiki Healers Wanted!

Mystic Market on Facebook Free Sales Page and Supportive Community

So I started going to this group on Facebook called the Pagan Market, it was based out of the UK but has alot of great sellers and members and just this great vibe. I really wanted to be a part of it but due to my location I don’t have regular access to the main post office for international shipping and the little shipping store I use doesn’t do international shipping.
But I liked the group so much, I started a American based group, imitation is the highest form of flattery right ? LOL
I started the group on New Years Day, thought that was special.
But its got a long way to grow yet! We desperately need people with all things mystical going on! From Hand crafted Jewelry and statues or any cool witchy wares. To Spell Casters, Real ones only please. No 1000 rip offs, lol
And good psychics. I know for a fact because I’m one of them lots of amazing Reiki healers and Witches lost Esty shops last year. You are begged to come to Mystic Market on Facebook and list all you want. No fees, No BS, Just list till your hearts content.
I started it because I love what I do and I’m tired of feeding the pockets of Etsy and eBay, building up hundreds of positive feedbacks just to wake up to the whole thing suddenly ended.
It gets heart breaking !
For those still on Etsy and eBay you are welcome to just list and link items in your shops though! I still have a few little things on eBay and my main Spell Casting and Psychic Readings and Mojo Bags on Artfire and when I list just use the links to those items.
Or if you no longer have a shop and just want to sell some used Wicca books or New Age meditation CDs or Want to list your psychic readings you can list those then have the potential buyers contact you to work out payments and shipping or what not.
It’s really great for everyone and totally free for sellers and buyers.
We just need way more people!

Because it’s a Facebook group not a page there is no official URL that I’ve figured out but next time your on Facebook just hit your search bar, type in Mystic Market, should be the first public group up.
And hit join 🙂

I really want to make this something special for everyone!!

Feel free if you do have your own website to come join too and show us what your selling, it is free advertising if nothing else you know! And right now there’s only a few members but if we get a few new people a day we can all create something really special.

Also if you have Tribal Belly Dance gear please join too, I teach and perform and consider it part of my Witchy Ways lol
Also Djembe Drum Sellers. Need you too as I plan on purchasing one soon lol
Thank you again to the UKs Pagan Market for the inspiration to try a US version.

Remember just next time your on Facebook simply search Mystic Market

Thank you!

BTW I was given a link!!! Here it is!!!!

Mystic Market on Facebook

Broomsticked on Artfire