Sun Witches, Sun Magick. No your not alone.

​I remember when I first started practicing I felt often times called to work with the sun.At the time I only knew witches who worked at night on certain moons and felt connected to the moon. Later I would find out there are such things as sun witches and was grateful to not feel alone. I’m noticing more and more importantly being lead into evening magick this summer. When the moon and sun begin to slowly cross paths. But for those who wonder why I do spell work no matter what the moon is doing.  It’s because no matter what time it is, I’m usually drawing down the power of the sun in most cases. Except for new and full moons then I do cross back over and some nights I do call in both.

Some people seem to think the Sun is best for spells involving money and all things material.  And the Moon being a symbol of emotions should be used for all things romance and love spells.

I disagree with this.  I find doing love spells using the power of the Sun can warm cold hearts, heat up sex drives, and be just as passionate of a energy in love work as the moon. 

So stuck in a waxing moon but have a delicious new spell your dying to try out. Draw down that radiant Sun energy the same way you would the moon! You might just find your inner Sun Witch!
Broomsticked on ArtFire 

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