Why I don’t use moon cycles to cast spells.

Writing about this because it’s a question I get from clients alot and it’s a valid question.

I was taught that those who draw down the moon and use the moons energy in spells do need to follow the moons cycles and know if it meshes symbolically with the intention of the spell work being performed. 

But I stopped doing lunar witchcraft years and years ago, as I was simply called to rely on Sun energy, and as I came into Hoodoo, Oshuns, Ancestors and Guides became much more important to my work then moon cycles. 

Although I do still do spell work on new moons and full moons that yes, I do draw down and honor the moon on those two nights a month. And I like that it keeps me fresh and out of burn out.

I love spell casting love it, I’m addicted to it lol But if there is Solar storms I then turn to Oshuns, If I feel Oshuns isn’t right for a spell I switch to Ancestors, sometimes It’s Sun , Ancestors and Oshuns I use in a spell.  And occasionally Aphrodite. You just never know lol

Some of my spell casting looks like a Strega Kitchen Witch blew up a Basil factory lol and the next day it’s back up to my regular Altar. I do things intuitively and have a great success rate so I figure I must be doing something right after all these years!
But I realize from my customers that many assume all witches or spell casters are bound by moon cycles. Just wanted to educated that no.  Many are, but not all. And it’s absolutely ok to switch it up now and then with Goddess or Diety energy or Sun or Angels or Music Frequency or what ever energy you want to add to your own inner force while doing spell casting. You may find that there’s something you really connect with more so then the moon too, or not. Many females especially just are all about that moon, but it’s also perfectly fine to be a Sun lover or certain Star lover, etc etc 

If you need help, no matter what moon cycle , I’m here!

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September 2016, Could it be more powerful?  Season of the Witch 2016

So just a reminder for everyone,  because even the best witches loose track! 

There’s so much power going on in September it should be one interesting month! 

We kick off the month with the 1st of 2 New Moons, this one on a solar eclipse,  the 2nd New Moon ends the month on the 30th, called the black moon and is very powerful. See previous post on this month’s black moon.

But then on top of this in the middle we have a full moon with a lunar eclipse right in the middle of the month on the 16th 

Followed by Mabon, the fall equinox,  on the 22nd , the Start of The Season of the Witch and Pumpkin Spiced every thing! 

This is quite the massively charged month! Time to dream big and shoot for stars and get real clear on what we want and work on massive gratitude for what we’ve already manifested in our lives! 

I’m here to help all month long,  get those spell work orders in this month as it is a sheer magical time! Broomsticked on ArtFire


I learned something new today,  Black New Moons vs Blue Full Moons. Black Moon September 30th 2016

So I’ve known about Blue Moons since first learning about Witchcraft like 100 years ago lol, JK, I’m turning 43 this weekend, started reading Wicca books in my teens so you do the math 🙂

But and why in all these years I never looked this up or thought about it, I don’t know. Today I’m on September on my wall calendar, writting my daughters school stuff on it,  and I notice there are 2 New Moons in September.  The 1st and 30th. I think to myself , wonder if that’s seen as special the way 2 full moons in a month make the 2nd full moon a blue moon. 

So I start researching.  Come to find out yes,  2 New Moons in one month is special and the 2nd new moon of the month is called a Black Moon. And I also discover it is taught that on that Black Moon is a extra powerful time for Spell Work. So I am way excited.

We’re coming into fall slowly, the season of the witch,  and of course the grand Samhain, Halloween times and we get a black moon the day before the best month ever of October, oh Hell yes! lol

So I just wanted to share this with others.  September 30th will be awesome night for spell work and manifesting , let’s all get to it!

If you can’t cast your own spells,  I offer that service at Broomsticked on ArtFire

 Good luck everyone and Happy Black Moon! 

Reminder charge your jewelry and altar items! Same as a Blue Moon! 

Luck Spells, not just for gambling or the lottery.

Recently I refreshed my own luck with a few luck spells.  My daughter was starting 1sr grade there was a certain type of teacher I wanted her to have,  got her! 

This am a neighbor took her to school, found out later the school bus she was taking previously  ended up coming so early we would of missed it.

Had a friend offer to babysit for my Birthday without even having to Ask!

Got bonus reward points on purchases recently , the list could go on and on,  my husband got to leave work early because a part hadn’t come in yet, right as I was having some tummy issues and was glad to have him here. 

The past two afternoons we’ve had dry thunderstorms, my daughter is terrified of thunder,  it waited till we were inside and home from the bus stop both days to thunder,  because trust me that would of been a wreck of a walk home with her had thunder happened while walking.

I love the feel of luck,  it’s timing, it’s later finding out what could of gone wrong that didn’t,  it’s all these little things to be grateful for. It’s that surprise favor, surprise visit, It’s all these things.  

And it feels good!!

So don’t ignore luck spells thinking they are only for gamblers or game players, that’s not the only kind of luck out there. 

We all can use that little bit of good luck in our lives! 

Lammas Blessings

I admit I tend to slack on celebrating Lammas every year.  I just don’t feel a true connection with it. It’s also the hottest weeks in the desert here surrounding it, kids are usually getting ready to go back to school,  my birthday is in late August so I just have my mind elsewhere. 

So I figured I would use this example to tell you it’s OK if there’s a holiday or sabbath you don’t connect too. 

We discussed Sun Witches vs Moon Witches last post. Well not every witch is gonna be all super into every turn of the wheel either . I like the 4 big guys, the summer, fall, winter and spring actual solstice,  equinoxes. And of course let’s face it we all love Samhain. 

But for those who do love Lammas or feel connected to it ..I hope you do have a blessed One! 

We all walk our paths individually which is alot of the reason most of us became witches.  So wherever you are and if you made a corn doll or picked sunflowers or not, Huge Blessings my friends. 

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