Lammas Blessings

I admit I tend to slack on celebrating Lammas every year.  I just don’t feel a true connection with it. It’s also the hottest weeks in the desert here surrounding it, kids are usually getting ready to go back to school,  my birthday is in late August so I just have my mind elsewhere. 

So I figured I would use this example to tell you it’s OK if there’s a holiday or sabbath you don’t connect too. 

We discussed Sun Witches vs Moon Witches last post. Well not every witch is gonna be all super into every turn of the wheel either . I like the 4 big guys, the summer, fall, winter and spring actual solstice,  equinoxes. And of course let’s face it we all love Samhain. 

But for those who do love Lammas or feel connected to it ..I hope you do have a blessed One! 

We all walk our paths individually which is alot of the reason most of us became witches.  So wherever you are and if you made a corn doll or picked sunflowers or not, Huge Blessings my friends. 

Broomsticked on ArtFire 

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