Luck Spells, not just for gambling or the lottery.

Recently I refreshed my own luck with a few luck spells.  My daughter was starting 1sr grade there was a certain type of teacher I wanted her to have,  got her! 

This am a neighbor took her to school, found out later the school bus she was taking previously  ended up coming so early we would of missed it.

Had a friend offer to babysit for my Birthday without even having to Ask!

Got bonus reward points on purchases recently , the list could go on and on,  my husband got to leave work early because a part hadn’t come in yet, right as I was having some tummy issues and was glad to have him here. 

The past two afternoons we’ve had dry thunderstorms, my daughter is terrified of thunder,  it waited till we were inside and home from the bus stop both days to thunder,  because trust me that would of been a wreck of a walk home with her had thunder happened while walking.

I love the feel of luck,  it’s timing, it’s later finding out what could of gone wrong that didn’t,  it’s all these little things to be grateful for. It’s that surprise favor, surprise visit, It’s all these things.  

And it feels good!!

So don’t ignore luck spells thinking they are only for gamblers or game players, that’s not the only kind of luck out there. 

We all can use that little bit of good luck in our lives! 

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