Why I don’t use moon cycles to cast spells.

Writing about this because it’s a question I get from clients alot and it’s a valid question.

I was taught that those who draw down the moon and use the moons energy in spells do need to follow the moons cycles and know if it meshes symbolically with the intention of the spell work being performed. 

But I stopped doing lunar witchcraft years and years ago, as I was simply called to rely on Sun energy, and as I came into Hoodoo, Oshuns, Ancestors and Guides became much more important to my work then moon cycles. 

Although I do still do spell work on new moons and full moons that yes, I do draw down and honor the moon on those two nights a month. And I like that it keeps me fresh and out of burn out.

I love spell casting love it, I’m addicted to it lol But if there is Solar storms I then turn to Oshuns, If I feel Oshuns isn’t right for a spell I switch to Ancestors, sometimes It’s Sun , Ancestors and Oshuns I use in a spell.  And occasionally Aphrodite. You just never know lol

Some of my spell casting looks like a Strega Kitchen Witch blew up a Basil factory lol and the next day it’s back up to my regular Altar. I do things intuitively and have a great success rate so I figure I must be doing something right after all these years!
But I realize from my customers that many assume all witches or spell casters are bound by moon cycles. Just wanted to educated that no.  Many are, but not all. And it’s absolutely ok to switch it up now and then with Goddess or Diety energy or Sun or Angels or Music Frequency or what ever energy you want to add to your own inner force while doing spell casting. You may find that there’s something you really connect with more so then the moon too, or not. Many females especially just are all about that moon, but it’s also perfectly fine to be a Sun lover or certain Star lover, etc etc 

If you need help, no matter what moon cycle , I’m here!

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2 thoughts on “Why I don’t use moon cycles to cast spells.

  1. I was wondering if you are able to help me with something I want more than pretty much anything in the world which is to become a werewolf. I want to be able to run and be free as one with nature and join a pack. I found you through your YouTube channel which was recommended to me by someone who claimed to be your friend and I posted this as a reply on this post because it was the first one that came up on your site. I understand that this will be a very unusual request and so I don’t know if you will be able to help me but if you can please do. Also I have been done in and viscously taken in by people that have claimed to be able to do the sort of things you can do in the past that have turned out to be scammers. I am always terrified to approach people like you now because of that but if you can help me please do and also because of how tormented I’ve been in the past i am terrified to make a direct payment until after the spell or ritual or whatever will make this work has been performed which I would really greatly appreciate if you accepted so can you help me.

    • I’m so sorry you have been taken advantage of in the past, and your not the first person to ask about this, so just know your not alone, but unfortunately no, in real true witchcraft there is no spells for anything like this, anyone claiming there is, is a con, or a scam and I’m so sorry, witchcraft can really improve life situations, but the real stuff just doesn’t do this. I hope you find some way to run with nature and be the wild man your soul craves to be maybe not in a ideal form but something as close as you can get.

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