White Magick Protective Inheritance Spell

Being my Paternal Grandmothers only Grandchild, I didn’t think Is ever need a inheritance protection spell to be honest. But unfortunately it appears I will be doing one tonight and again on the Black New Moon.

I’m not greedy but the person trying to take my inheritance doesn’t have children like mine and already owns a home and is fairly well off and not even as closely related as I am so it’s more protective of what I am entitled too.

This spell is white magick. It is not for taking inheritance that is not rightfully yours legally.  It is for protection of what you know is yours.

If slightly unsure what the deceased true plans were these will be brought forth , strongly,  so if your not sure the deceased did mean to benefit you doing this spell will also bring that clarity. Sometimes the truth hurts , even I myself have to face that although I’m 99 percent sure she did mean me to be the beneficiary,  you will know in the end you did your best for yourself and the deceased to bring their  truth to light and protect that truth and right to what you were meant to be given. 
The first step is to call the deceased to step forward and be on your side. 

2 ways to do this,  hire a medium,  I can recommend some,  get in touch with me and have them pass the message onto deceased or other deceased even that you need help with the inheritance. 

The other is if you have a understanding of basic witchcraft 

Their favorite foods,  flowers, music,  scents, liquor,  treat  can be used to drawn in their spirit. Do not attempt if you have never drawn in a spirit or atleast drawn down the moon. 

If you have drawn down the moon ( or sun for sun witches)

You can do this same way,  just put deceased in place of moon

If you have petioned saints, very similar,  petion deceased instead
Ground and protect or cast circle of course!
You can also do both 1 and 2 like I am!

Now for your own little spell,  I’m a sun witch but if near a full moon or like this power black new moon around corner I might do a lunar spell which more of you are familiar  with

I’m gonna to leave a chunk blank here as I cater to both Wiccan and Hoodoo ppl and even a touch of Strega so your way of getting ready to cast a spell maybe very different then me,  I’m also very new age you frequency so I use alot of isochronic binaural brain beats to ground and charge,  you may not even know what that is . Note to self, future blog ! 
Ok once you have done everything you normally do to cast a spell

Here’s the actual spell 

If you just don’t want to do this I can cast it for you,  it’s not one listed in shop but would be in the 24.99 range you can contact me for PayPal info

A white candle

10 almonds 

A bit of white rice

20 white grapes only

1 cup olive oil

Lots of basil seasoning

A bowl 

Place almonds grapes , rice, into bowl,  sprinkle olive oil around, then cover it all with basil 

Stick your white candle up in there in the bowl

Meditate over unlit candle setting this intention

My ancestors gift is mine,  to only me it shall be passed. My ancestors wishes will be served no one can interfere. I will inherit all that was left to me by my ancestors love,  no one can break this bind, so Mote it be

Light the candle. 

Mediate imagining the smooth arrival of your inheritance being passed to you,  protected and blessed
Let candle burn till even with the ingredients in bowl till the wax is touching the surrounding grapes almonds and rice,  then discard ingredients and go on about enjoying your life and no worrying!
Good luck! 
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