Return ex Lover,  Reunite Lost Love Spell, Return Ex Spell

This is one of the most common requests I get.

I do get it, alot of people don’t, they think omg I would never want one of my ex’s back, but I have to admit many years ago, before I met my true true love I am married to now, I did this spell myself and I did get my ex back and he was even more screwy then before. He really wasn’t the same person at all to be honest and I lost interest fast and was finally able to move on.

But for those determined to return a ex and try again this spell is for you.

I answer the same questions about it every day even though there’s a FAQ on the listing.

So here we go.

It does not break free will

What determines it’s success is the level of feelings your ex still has for you. The more the better.

If your ex is with a new person it still only matters their feelings for you, if high enough they should still return unless they are a greedy type and prefer the money new person has over love. Some people do love money more then people.

Security over Romance, even a easy drug dealer over you.

So you know, not much you can do there, they aren’t capable of real love yet in their lives.

But if your ex is fairly sane and still has feelings for you watch this video.

Thank you Ex Lover Video

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First Testimonial and Spell Caster Review for me in 2018.

Could not of asked for a better way to start off my year. I love all you so much!

To see pre 2018 Testimonials scan this blog and also my you tube channel.

Testimonial :

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jessa for the door opener spell work she performed on my behalf. Having worked with other spell casters in the past and possibly being scammed I instantly felt a connection with Jessa from first communicating
with her. Jessa is very honest and will let you know if she doesn’t feel certain spells are right for your situation. Believe me, this is rare. I was going through quite a lot of difficulty in various areas of my life when I contacted Jessa and I decided on
getting the door opener spell. I am very happy to report that many doors have opened since I had this spell done and my vibration is generally a lot higher. I would definitely recommend Jessa and I will be having more spells done with her this year. Thank
you Jessa. It’s so good to have finally found a real, legitimate spell caster.

Jessa I hope this is OK for you if not a tad long! I’m happy for you to put my first name – Nicky from UK.

I will be in touch soon with more spell requests.