Retirement of the Return Ex Lover Spell.

I’ll be doing a official video soon, but I’m going to be adding many new spells to the shop, alot of self improvement types.
I will still be doing love spells that have intents of keeping ppl together through the hard times or when we sometimes take another for granted or get lazy in our relationships.
Also moving on and healing and help for heart break spells.
But I think I am going to finally retire the return ex spell.
There are other spells you can use to mend broken relationships, contact me and talk it out. Forgiveness.
But I think over all, sometimes the only way to grow and move forward is to heal from the heart break and I think ppl often use that one to avoid heart break, because yes it hurts your heart and it feels like shit.
But if your meant to be together, as you heal and grow it will either happen or not.
And I just feel I’ve reached a age where doing that particular spell isn’t meshing with what I really believe in.
So much can be accomplished through forgiveness, working on your own self and communication.
And sometimes you never know who else could be out there for you. I don’t want to encourage ppl to hang on to old toxic relationships just because heart break sucks. I rather focus on helping people out of the heart break and improving their futures.
So not today. You have about a week or so left before I devote a day to completely over haul the shop.
Meanwhile if you have suggestions for spells you don’t currently see listed please let me know!
Oh and also I will be going back to my natural dark hair by the time I do the video and maybe new pics for the shop…Yes that’s still me lol

Broomsticked on Artfire


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