The Magical Mystical and Mysterious of Northern Nevada

Northern Nevada a state full of history, most often connected to silver and gold mining. Its actually a hot bed for psychics, mediums, spell casters and paranormal researchers.

I’ve lived here 15 years and would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful healers, psychics, spell casters, reiki masters, ghost hunters and even artists and writters that I have met that make Northern Nevada the Magical land it is.

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Reader and World Famous Spell Caster.

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I also make charged gem stone wine stoppers for wine or potions or just because they are beautiful!

I sell them at the Carson City Art Gallery on 2nd and Curry.

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Now to introduce the real star of Carson City…

Sandie LaNae Biography

Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, Sandie’s career is an Intuitive Psychic who uses her own uniquely devised
visionary Reading method: Stones. Using 117 different minerals for intuiting since 1984, Sandie has strived to give positive and
encouraging readings of what a client’s future holds or to give suggestions on dealing with present day issues.

Too, Sandie is a Spirit Sensitive. This means she has the ability to see, hear and communicate with those who are deceased.

Sandie can receive and send messages to and from the spiritual world.

As a lifelong Spirit Seer, Sandie has many years of experience dealing with ghosts and entities. She is a member of the paranormal
investigations group titled Thin Veil Investigators, established in 2005. This ghost hunting team has conducted investigations in
private and public buildings, as well as exclusive locations. TVIers are a unique investigative team, as each member has one or
more Sensitive or Psychic abilities.

Add to Sandie’s resume the title of author. To date, she has written several books in the genre of what she terms,”Historic/Paranormal.” The books describe the history of a particular building, and the paranormal findings she, and Thin Veil
Investigators, have discovered.

La Nae has also written books covering the spiritual properties of stones, compilations of haunted northern Nevada sites, a text
book for her Ghost Hunting class, and is a published poet.

Too, La Nae is co-authoring a series of books titled “Weird…” (…Reno, …Carson City, …Virginia City, …’Haunted’ Virginia City,…Silver Terrace Cemetery, …Virginia City) with Nevada Historical Society’s ‘Special Works’ historian, Arline La Ferry. Each volume is filled with interesting facts, anecdotes, thrills & chills, and other informational and amusing entries.

“Psychic Creations” is an access television show, since May 2013, that Sandie is host of. The subject content is that of the

Metaphysical, Paranormal, Spiritual, Holistic Health Specialties, with special guests such as local authors, business owners,artisans, musicians and historical lecturers.

Also, Sandie is host in a new (2017) TV show titled: Psychic Creations History Series. This is a program where she conducts interviews with performers who portray the Pioneers of the West, or those who have knowledge and passion of a historic interest. Joining in the newly launched Community Radio station in early 2018, “Sandie’s Psychic Communique” is a program that brings forth enlightening phenomena and knowledge. Topics range from the Psychic, Metaphysic, Holistic Health, Paranormal, Spiritual,
to local talents and trades, including some interesting history.

Sandie’s Psychic Stones Webpage:

Sandie’s Psychic Stones

Nevada Author, Sandie La Nae Book Webpage:

Psychic Creations Youtube Channel

Psychic Creations on You Tube

KNVC Radio “Sandie’s Psychic Communique” program:

Radio Show

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Virginia City

Recently took this tour myself and oh there is activity! Great tour

highly recommended!

The Washoe Club

Travel Channel Washoe Club

Debilynn has been a rune reader and healer for many years. She currently is our go to for CBD oil, the good stuff! Gotta feel good to keep that juju going!

Quality CBD oil

Oracle Readings


Mama Em

Hoodoo Queen and Psychic Reader

Ma Em’s World

Erin Renee

Co founder of the Real Witches.

Hoodoo Queen and Psychic Reader and Medium.

Psychic Erin Renee

Jay Crowley

Jay Crowley lives in Jacks Valley near beautiful Lake Tahoe. It offers a versatile environment, with ranching, mining, agriculture, and gaming. Nevada being a large state contains everything from rural countryside to the big city of Las Vegas as well as the smaller cities of Reno and Carson City, which provide an opportunity for my stories. Wishing you enjoyment in reading… I also have many anthologies on Amazon in paperback and on kindle.

Jay Crowley Amazon

I do have a few more people and groups to add from this area.

Will be updating shortly!

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Just showing off a bit while I finish working on next big blog article.

Need spell casting services?

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Hi Jessa!!,WOW!!! My daughter, JUST GOT A JOB TODAY!!! As a server at a VERY nice Italian Restaurant! She is a server,; they guaranteed her $22.00 an hour, ( but said the people make a LOT more!:) It’s close to her apt, n works perfectly with her culinary school schedule…She sounds ecstatic!!😃😃😃😃

I am THRILLED, and in AWE of YOU!! Thank u Jessa, you are an AMAZING, funny, brilliant, beautiful girl, inside n out!!:):)😃😎😘I’m SO excited for more Magick to happen, AND for YOU!! God/ Goddess Bless You n your damily Jessa!!:)😃😃