Changes in vibration and letting go of people you might not expect to need too.

I think this is a pretty common topic in the metaphysical world. But we like to ignore it a bit. I know I usually blew it off.

But truth is weither its through just plain age and maturity , or gaining self esteem or new confidence, or a spiritual pratice that raises your vibrational level. You will sometimes notice fall outs even with close friends , even ones you may of been close to all your life. Or even family members etc.

First off know, you’re not a snob. It may feel like you are. You have put your boundaries down, said it is not ok to treat me like this. And may have had to do it too a few people. And now you’re asking yourself, am I being a total snob.

No your not. Your changing and its ok. Your not going to be ok with your so called best friend hanging out with a known rapist or past abuser anymore. Your not going to watch your sister in law wreck her life with drugs and men for the 100th time. And you don’t have to ignore your gut feelings about anyone anymore.

Its actually very freeing. But it can hurt and it can get lonely at first until you do meet others a bit more on your page.

Its not that your better or worse then the people you have stood up to or let go of.

Your just simply on another page. And it happens.

Its ok.

Let yourself feel the emotions, you have every right to feel them. But know they are not forever. You will heal and so will they. You can wish them healing, forgiveness, love, etc. Just send them those vibes and don’t block out the good times you had together, cherrish those. The same way you might cherrish memories of your 23 yr old when he was a newborn.

We don’t stop growing as people and sometimes that means we grow apart.

Doesn’t mean their place in your past wasn’t important or special.

One way I have found to help the lingering emotions is to take a string and literally cut it and make the intention of Im letting go and wishing them love and peace.

You can do that with anyone from your past.

If you need help I offer a full spell called the cut n clear if you feel really overwhelmed for having to let go it can help bring a more healing comforting energy into your being.

Contact me if you need help

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