Fighting Stereotypes and Shame in Witchcraft.

This is a ongoing topic I would like to write about.

I see in spiritual groups and witchcraft groups I belong too a lot of shaming of witches that maybe eat processed foods, or still go to Doctors, I just literally saw a long time Witch get shamed for getting a flu shot!

The problem is this does none of us any good. Extremes are really never any good. And as a Witch with wikked IBS-D What might be a miracle food or supplement for you, could be utter hell for me. And the prescription medicine I take for quality of life could be hell for someone else.

So when shopping for a spirtual healer or natural practitioner, keep your boundaries strong. No matter how many years this person has been in practice you do know your body like no one else. Exact same with a regular doctor.

And if your a healer or practitioner please remember what worked for you and 70 percent of your clients, even 90 percent, there’s gonna be 10 percent that’s its not right for. Don’t shame them.

Find your own truth. Your own healing. Offer your services and wisdom.

But leave the shaming and pushing and closed mindedness out of it.

Many natural healers became a healer in rebellion to a traditional doctor not listening or taking them seriously. Don’t do what was done to you. Don’t just sit and repeat that cycle.

Support, Listen, Love, ..but mostly Listen not Shame.

Thank you.

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