Do Tarot cards apps work as well as traditional tarot cards.

Had someone notice I have 2 tarot apps on my phone today. They are not ones I use when doing readings but ones I do happen to use for personal use. Yes I do find the 2 I have to be pretty accurate, neither are traditional tarot, one is Lyn Thurmans Ocean based Tarot and The other is more a life coaching message tarot.

I find them handy if say stuck waiting on a doctor or dentist and pondering life. And I really believe just as accurate

But can they replace the feel of shuffling your cards? Nope

There’s nothing like the beauty and feel of a deck of tarot cards.

Its the same with paper books and electronic kindle books.

There are times a kindle book might be more practical or convenient.

But lets face it, too a serious reader, its not the same. There’s no book smell, no turn of the pages etc.

But for those who maybe can’t afford a new deck, Tarot apps are a great way for testing a deck out, and for times its just not practical to be laying a spread out.

So my answer is give it a shot! There’s some kinda cheesy ones so take your time and really read reviews and take your time looking through your app stores. Let the right one call to you, just like you would a regular deck.

And if you don’t click with it, just delete it right off your phone.

I personally have not used a app to do readings for anyone but myself. I feel like when people pay me to come to my house for a reading they really expect me to do a paper deck and lay out etc. As its part of the experience. But like I said for personal use, using tarot apps is a fun new way of getting guidance and connecting to inner self.

And that’s never a bad thing 🙂

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