Spell Casters Psychics Reiki Practitioners Paypals odd 99.99 shipping charge on services.

So this has been going on for a few months pretty frequently and really getting on my last nerves.

And I have heard of atleast one other psychic reader with same issue I believe from Etsy.

I’m on Artfire myself but believe it could happen at just about anywhere that takes Paypal.

Your customers show up being charged a random from out of nowhere for no reason 99.99 shipping charge on a service that you offer free shipping on.

What is going on? Well after like I’m not even sure how many times I got a live Paypal Customer service representative on the phone .

And to be honest with you I got absolutely no concrete answer which is horribly disturbing.

But if you are a seller or buyer this has happened too it’s time to make a fuss about it.

Please pass this video to your customers it happens too and also other service sellers .

We need to really raise awareness on this issue as its making honest spell casters and psychics look bad

And it is a Paypal issue across all forums such as Etsy Fivver Bonanza Artfire etc.

Please listen to video

And pass around to inform.

Thank you

Paypal actual customer service rep 99.99 fake shipping charge

Living life after The Secert and Law of Attraction. Toxic Positivity vs Acceptance for Witches.

Oh I remember it like it was yesterday….30 years ago laying on a blanket listening to a woman read Creative Visualization to our group…Years and Years later in my 30s being called by my coven to come watch this dvd called the Secret..

And how it blew our minds that somehow Esther Hicks and Abhram Hicks could like almost summarize witchcraft in a hour on a cruise.

And we all sat back when Jerry died.

Why? Because suddenly it all felt just slightly fake.

It wasn’t fake. Postive thinking over all is infact better then wallowing and being stuck being a grouchy ass asshole

Untill the day you truly have a shitty week and allow yourself to play I’m a Asshole by Dennis Leary and laugh so hard you really genuinely raise your actual vibration.

That’s where this completely unfortunate toxic positivity word and conversation even had to be brought up

Look what’s negative to one person is perfectly appropriate and healthy to another.

None of you are the positivity police or expert or divine God or Goddess of positivity for all.

The most underheard overlooked part of the secret was about setting your intention*spell casting,* then letting it be.

What was the sentence if meditation feels good do that. If making a grilled cheese feels good do that.

I myself will take a good grilled cheese over meditation any day..

Blame it on my adult ADD or my cheese addiction…I dont care

But when I’m eating a warm soft comfy grilled cheese I no longer give a shit if I’m poor,fat, single, imperfect ect.

I’m eating a grilled cheese and for those few mins I’m not forcing postive thoughts or judging my grouchy crappy thoughts

I’m in the moment connecting with my grilled cheese and really not giving a shit about much and probably not even having a thought but yum this is good.

Ok that’s genuine authentic “postivity ”

Weither it be a grilled cheese or steak or veggie or laughing at Dennis Leary being a Asshole Or binge watching Orange is the new black.

It doesn’t matter.

Whatever shuts your head up from the constant chatter or helps you forget long enough to allow better vibrations in. Whatever makes you smile even if its Christian Slater in Heathers is your personal postivity.

And if anyone judges what is vibrational raising for you because it doesn’t fit in their rules of what happiness and allowance looks like.. slap them lol jk I really dont promote violence as a violence survivor but that’s just it. I’ve healed enough in my own ways to even crack a joke like that and that is actual real postivity being able to laugh at the human condition and accept it.

To a certian extent.

Obviously with the child sexual trafficking crisis we got some exceptions if you can only spark your joy by hurting a child or even a adult physically or sexually this post isnt for you and your sick and need help .

But for most of us not suffering from pedophilia or some sort of need to seriously harm others.

If eating a grilled cheese brings you peace …eat it

If going out into the Gardnerville Ranchos sandpits and shooting a gun brings you peace do that

If watching raunchy comedy brings you laughs do that

If crying brings you release do that

If burning their photo while screaming cusswords at the top of your lungs brings you peace and release do that

All I really ask is that it feels real for you and not a chore or a I “should”

And that you don’t judge others

You heal and let go and allow and find your real..let others find their own

The only toxic in toxic positivity is when one person decides what is postive and what isn’t.

Thats not your job or your business. Except for yourself.

And if you still get stuck on postivity

Its actually a word from science…we need both positive and negative ions to even have a universe

So you know drop those dam words

Use being in the moment







Trying something new

Raising vibrations


And my personal favorite as a witch..LMFAO

Cuz there is no higher magick then Gut laughing

Blessed Be 🙂

Spell Caster Reviews

Hi Jessa,

You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you 🙂 I ordered spells from you back in… a month or two ago.
I do see results. Erin told me that my lover is my twin flame and all the spell work I was doing, I was doing on myself. BUT i have seen results, and they are working.
We do have some circumstances coming our way when we might not be able to communicate much, not by our choice. But I believe in your protection spell energy, and it will keep our love burning.
Thank you for your help, Sasha
Ps I might order one more spell from you

If you would like to order my spell casting services theres now 2 stores to choose from!

hoodoohoney on Shopify

Broomsticked on Artfire

Where real spell casters and psychics should go post Etsy and eBay

So I built a 2nd shop I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the design but it was a bit more complex then just adding listings to like Etsy or Artfire etc.
I did because I realized Artfire has been over charging me for awhile for right now that shop will remain open but I might be going to war with them lol

Check out both shops they both have pros and cons but with so many spell casters and psychics looking for new homes from Etsy I’d like to do a good review for other sellers I know.
So need feedback and what you as a consumer like and dont like about each

So far Shopify is driving me nuts its probably great for people who know what they are doing but took me 2 days to build a crappy looking shop with no contact me button and you have to do all your own Google stuff and just omg I’m not sure why paying them exactly lol

Like they do nothing.

And right now my Artfire shop is completely down with a error message lol

So not sure what I’m paying them for either !!

I’m gonna watch tv and relax and then do the couple of spell work orders I got from return customers and plain old Facebook page today.

If you ever need any spell work and neither shop is working just email me


Hoodoohoney on Shopify

Broomsticked on Artfire

New Spell Caster Reviews

I have a bunch to add but gotta go find them all

But this one just came in right now so let me get it posted.

Hi Jessa

Unbelievable. It worked. Not that I ever doubted you but slowly slowly he has come back to me within just 7 days of your work. You are incredible. That’s 2 for 2 with you.