Where real spell casters and psychics should go post Etsy and eBay

So I built a 2nd shop I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the design but it was a bit more complex then just adding listings to like Etsy or Artfire etc.
I did because I realized Artfire has been over charging me for awhile for right now that shop will remain open but I might be going to war with them lol

Check out both shops they both have pros and cons but with so many spell casters and psychics looking for new homes from Etsy I’d like to do a good review for other sellers I know.
So need feedback and what you as a consumer like and dont like about each

So far Shopify is driving me nuts its probably great for people who know what they are doing but took me 2 days to build a crappy looking shop with no contact me button and you have to do all your own Google stuff and just omg I’m not sure why paying them exactly lol

Like they do nothing.

And right now my Artfire shop is completely down with a error message lol

So not sure what I’m paying them for either !!

I’m gonna watch tv and relax and then do the couple of spell work orders I got from return customers and plain old Facebook page today.

If you ever need any spell work and neither shop is working just email me


Hoodoohoney on Shopify

Broomsticked on Artfire

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