Spell Casters Psychics Reiki Practitioners Paypals odd 99.99 shipping charge on services.

So this has been going on for a few months pretty frequently and really getting on my last nerves.

And I have heard of atleast one other psychic reader with same issue I believe from Etsy.

I’m on Artfire myself but believe it could happen at just about anywhere that takes Paypal.

Your customers show up being charged a random from out of nowhere for no reason 99.99 shipping charge on a service that you offer free shipping on.

What is going on? Well after like I’m not even sure how many times I got a live Paypal Customer service representative on the phone .

And to be honest with you I got absolutely no concrete answer which is horribly disturbing.

But if you are a seller or buyer this has happened too it’s time to make a fuss about it.

Please pass this video to your customers it happens too and also other service sellers .

We need to really raise awareness on this issue as its making honest spell casters and psychics look bad

And it is a Paypal issue across all forums such as Etsy Fivver Bonanza Artfire etc.

Please listen to video

And pass around to inform.

Thank you

Paypal actual customer service rep 99.99 fake shipping charge

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