Hidradenitis Suppurativa HS Blue Light therapy with Tumeric

Here is the video about my personal experiences using Blue Light therapy wand for HS.

I find it does alot more then the more common red light for Hidradenitis Suppurativa HS Blue Light therapy and tumeric video

Hidrandentis Suppurtiva Story of Stage 1.

Most of you are like wth? I actually just posted my first vlog on the YouTube channel The Real Witches about my own battle with Stage 1 HS.

I have found Vicco Tumeric Cream to be a total life saver.

I want to post a link here and eventually a few more to certian Amazon products I feel are a must have for anyone starting this journey!

But first up is Tumeric cream its also amazing for RH arthritis and Anti aging Skin Firming and Adult Acne.

I love this stuff!

Its sheer magick:)

I will be attempting to make my own and selling it in shop but I wanna make sure mine is as good of quality as this brand.

Till then please use this link to purchase.

Vicco WSO Tumeric Cream