Amazon affiliate Associates links my Experience.

So Im gonna share what I’m learning as I go here.

I decided to play around with a few things. Amazon Associate or as most of us would call it Affilate links.

Now let me say this first as a Hoodoo Electic Spell Caster. I think Im going to start calling it Hoodoo Fusion lol

There are many supplies I try to buy locally from local stores. The problem is other then one for rocks and stones that I love. Rocking and Rolling in Carson City

We don’t have any really great supply stores.

Now being Hoodoo Kitchen Witch Fusion.

I often get supplies at grocery stores. Latin markets. The Dollar store.

But when it comes to books to learn new things or Tarot Cards or even a few personal favorite supplies I like most of us do use Amazon

Sometimes eBay I have a few favorite sellers.

But 90 percent of the time its Amazon.

So I want you to know if I review a product and post a affiliate link Im not doing it just to get rich. Trust me you dont make that much lol

And I get nothing for you just clicking on it. You have to put it in your cart then buy it within a month lol

And even then were talking 3 to 4 percent. But I figured since I do buy the kids Birthday and Christmas gifts there why not try to make a few extra bucks for the holidays and I also buy my Hidradenitis Suppurativa medical supplies there which can get pricey. So earming even a few bucks a month for just telling people about products I do love. How hard is that?

But I did want to make clear I do not link anything I dont love or use.

Im not here to try and make a career out of this.

Im a Artist and a Spell Caster and a off and on Tribal Fusion Belly Dance teacher. Im actually because of my medical issues going to be doing gentle Goddess style Belly Dance for those of us with medical issues or just aren’t ready to go too crazy but want flexibility and stress relief and to reconnect with our Divine Femmitinity and Senusality again.

That’s a You Tube channel project which btw yes I looked into monetizing my YouTube channel, I have plenty of subscribers but apparently you need 4000 hours of people watching your videos to even be reviewed. Im at like almost 300 lol

So it will be a bit before I can tell you how that goes.

But just remember if your like me and not tech savy and just have a little blog like this and are going to add links for products you love or find useful and would tell your friends about anyways. Check out Amazon Associates or whatever shop you shop at if they have one. It all adds up and its not actual work if you really love talking about products you love.

And if you don’t like doing that then no it may not be for you lol

Im gonna add some products here and why.

Also a book I really want to buy but haven’t had a chance yet but anyone that has read it would love to hear your reviews.

Ok my video showing how I use and feel about The Tarot Card Decks I do have affiliate links for.

Tarot Card Decks Review

The links for the Tarot Card Decks reviewed in the above video

Earth Magic Tarot Cards

The Housewife Tarot (Best Deck Ever)

Messages From The Angels ( I kinda switch it to Ancestors and Guides)

And my personal Sage Wands I buy for smudging unless local farmers marker has good deals on them.

Sage smudge wands

There are many more books and tarot decks I will be adding as I go

One I personally love is a Deck of Cards by Charles Porterfield

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