My appeal to re open Broomsticked on Etsy

So I have begged before and always been told no.

I finally found their appeal process.

Here’s the official appeal.

We will see what happens

I just read how to do this. Its been years so I will do my best.

Write a detailed message, including:
A description of your business history with Etsy
I had hundreds of postive feedbacks but I was a spell caster, I am also a artist but my customers loved my spell casting services, I was well known from being on tv and magazines and ebay for years.

What factors led to your suspension

The rules changed reguarding spell casters and I tried to change how I had done things but I guess still wasnt doing it correctly. The funny thing is I looked and many spell casters and readers are doing exactly what I got suspended for so maybe some rules were changed back? But whatever they are now I will follow them to a tee
Then my roommate opened a shop as a wood worker and you all thought it was me and I got in trouble for helping him set up a shop that had nothing to do with mine.
Hes moved out now.
Your plan to remediate the issues in your account
Taking my time and reading rules and not just going by what other shops are doing.
And not being connected to any accounts of friends or neighbors.
Details about how the items you sell fit within Etsy’s policies
I would like to start out selling handmade jewelry and wine stoppers. I was selling at a local Art Gallery Carson City Art gallery in Carson city nv so you can fact check it closed after Christmas
Been back on ebay since but feel this is the place for my handmade works.
If rules allow yes I would love to offer spell casting reiki and tarot services again but only if allowed and I will follow the rules clearly.

Im a single mom even if I can only sell my Handmade jewelry and wine stoppers and belly dance costume accessories Id be grateful.

You can see my wine stoppers at

Till then….

Broomsticked on Artfire

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