Love Spell for Increased Verbal Intimacy and Communication.

Love Spell for increased communication and verbal intimacy.

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Love Spell for Increased verbal intimacy and communication Broomsticked on Artfire

Im a real witch yes, but I’m also first and foremost a real woman and I know from my own romances and all my girlfriends the number one complaint other then time numbing our gratitude and excitement for each other ( which I’m about to release a new spell for that too ) …the tie for first place complaint has got to be communication of emotions from….men

I don’t want to sound sexist…and don’t mean to generalize but even with my own son its hard to get him to discuss a emotion or thought without dragging it out of him lol

In trying to think of names for this spell I considered Loosen my lovers lips lol
Speak your mind and throw in some sugar lol

The force and energy of this love spell casting seeks to help the target feel more safe comfortable and brave about verbal expression of intimacy and their feelings…

It’s not so much a spit out the truth spell (although I can do those)but it’s more about amping up the verbal expressions of emotion and thoughts that us ladies naturally use to form deep bonds from sharing with the men we love and getting them to give us just that little more communication that we thrive on…

After Purchase please send me you and your targets full names and birthdates ( Your privacy is assured I delete everything when done ) to me through a message
Thank you

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I do prefer you get to know me a little before ordering so here is a video I did.

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