Summer 2019 experiment in selling clothes and jewelry. Poshmark vs Mercari vs Ebay vs Vinted vs Depop

Apparently Etsy did not care about my appeal lol

What I have found out now that Summer is almost officially over.

My opinion

Ebay had the lead but over all more sales at Mercari.

But when it comes to collectible things like music, vintage stuff I think Ebay is still the best bet.

But Mercari did blow me away. People do like to really try to get you down price wise my advice list your starting price higher then you mean so you have wiggle room.


The cult of apparently really thin well dressed people lol

No I do like Poshmark but it gets to be kinda cult like, if someone shares your stuff, you have to share back, ..the followers get crazy, ..the parties, I’m not even sure if my sales are from being shared 5000 or just random luck

But oddly even though its had the least amount of sales what I did sell has sold for more money and I didn’t have to pay shipping

Vinted I was mad at them at first their referal vouchers are impossible to use for some reason. But I came back and have had some recent sales there.

I like it because they don’t take any listing fees out and once again I don’t have to pay shipping. Its not a bad little selling app. Alot of rules though.

Depop was the last I used have not sold a thing. But it’s a pretty app. But wouldn’t go running to it what does sale seems to be very unique clothes aimed at 20 somethings who don’t do forever 21.

The way cooler richer crowd.

Wish I could say something about Etsy but I can’t lol

Over all for jewerly Etsy and Mercari for really nice stuff Poshmark with Patience

Adverage name brand Clothes Mercari hands down with Vinted not to far behind

Anything not clothes or jewelry. Ebay

Super fancy clothes in small sizes or fancy lularoe Poshmark

Now to see how the holiday shopping goes. My friend talked me into starting a Instagram for my handmade things and jewerly and spell casting.

So far its mostly men asking me how I’m doing. Lol

Not sure its helping sales.

We shall see

Turned off Google ads and got more orders at Broomsticked on Artfire my main shop this week then normal.

Shrugs..Nods head

Ahhh The World of following you’re bliss with online shops 🙂

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