Modified Samhain Halloween Mulled Cider Magical wine for IBSD and Chrons disease

So I’m going to post pretty much the same recipe I was taught and once used myself by white magick alchemy I saw today that I copied …..and pasted then Im going to change it to a modified version for people with IBSD or Chrons disease like me.

Now remember no two of us have exact same safe foods and trigger foods

This is just what I do to not need half a bottle of Imodium the next am lol

Witches Brew Recipe for Traditional Samhain Cider & Wine

Upon the coming of Samhain, the Witches New Year, it is tradition to craft a magickal witches brew, essentially a hot mulled wine made with red wine or apple cider, visionary herbs, spices of Samhain and flowers to increase our psychic awareness. As we invite our ancestors to pass through the veil into the world of the living from the spirit world, use as a gracious offering by placing a separate chalice of the beverage on the altar during Samhain ritual. The wine is perfect used as a sacred libation (to be poured upon the earth) to honor ancestral spirits.

The wine is traditionally brewed with:

Allspice – Clove – Orange Peel – Anise Stars – Cinnamon Sticks – Red Wine or Apple Cider – Vodka, Rum or Brandy – Fresh Oranges & Orange Peel – Fresh Apples – Pomegranate Juice

Ok lets stop right here way to much fruit for us.

Peaches instead of oranges are nice

Pears usually harmless

I get along with nutmeg more so then others listed and a lil brown sugar and a lil honey sometimes alot if it been a long year

I also don’t do well with red wines so its chardonnay based at my house.

Herbs and flowers that are optional include adding very small amounts of Elderberry, Mugwort, Lavender and/or Calendula flowers. Elderberry and Mugwort should be used in very very small amounts. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a very powerful visionary herb and should be used with extreme caution when taken internally. Also, Mugwort should never be taken when pregnant.

I don’t even attempt this Im a empath …..and prefer to be surprised by life lol

To make it easy I have gathered and prepared all of the ingredients you need for your Samahin Witches Brew including allspice, clove, orange peel, cinnamon sticks

Ok I do ok with cinnamon but sometimes I’ll toss a shot of fireball in lol

If you can’t tolerate cinnamon , ginger is a good choice I can’t tolerate ginger at all.

and anise stars including a muslin bag for easy brewing. Simply pop the prepared muslin bag into your brew and simmer!

My Muslin bag cinnamon sticks organic local thick honey peaches pears cherries and berries if on hand.

But I also save back cherries peaches and pears to add to finished drink

And just like 1 tiny apple slice that’s all I can handle of apple

To get our Witches Brew Traditional Samhain Wine & Cider Mulling Spice Bags, click here

Fresh fruits are always traditionally added to the brew. Apples are sacred to witches and have been used in spells and rituals since ancient times. As we invite our ancestors to pass thru the veil, apples serve as a food offering for nourishment aiding our ancestral spirits safe travel as they pass through the veil between the worldly realms.

This is true but my tummy hates apples so I will slice the rest up warm up some honey …..and brown sugar and just leave on a plate over night for ancestors with some Chocolate and a cup of coffee with usually baileys for the ladies

A lil rum or some years fireball with vanilla creamer for the grandpa ppl

Prepare fresh apple slices and orange slices which can be shaped into stars/pentacles or crescent moons. Twist orange peels into spirals and incorporate as garnish.

Ok yeah I dont do any of this lmao


In a large pot on the stove:

1 quart Burgundy, Port Wine, or red wine of your liking, or 1 quart Apple Cider, Cranberry or fruit juice

For gods sakes if you have IBSD do not ever ever mix red wine and apple cider

Trust me on this

I lightly very lightly warm not really heat and use a crock pot as a cauldron

Chardonnay a shot of fireball peaches pears a lil brown sugar and another touch of honey

I do not make mine hot just low in crockpot till i’m ready to have a sip lol

1 Witches Brew Muslin Bag with 1/2 ounce of Samhain Witches Brew including cinnamon stick(s). If you are adding other ingredients, place those herbs in a muslin bag or strain after brewing. The Samhain Brew is essentially a blend of the herbs, spices & flowers listed above. Check your herb cabinet!

1/8 cup of sugar/brown sugar or to taste

Ok I’ve already done this part and don’t use measurements lmao

Place muslin bag of Witches Brew into wine/cider and heat to just below boiling point. Reduce heat, cover pot and simmer on low for thirty minutes to one hour

*Crock pot low a few hours till thristy lol

Add 1 ounce (or more to taste) of Vodka, Rum or Brandy. You can also opt to add an ounce or two of Pomegranate juice, a symbolic offering traditional at Samhain

We already have fireball

But if you must I’d aim for the vodka

I don’t do pomegranate anything just not a pom person

Probably has something to do with being a Virgo we are said to be modern day Persephones …lol and being since my grandmother and mother be corn fed Illinois Goddesses see below lol
500 BC:
Pomegranates figured prominently in Greek myths; the most famous involved Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who was abducted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Once there, Hades tempted her with a juicy pomegranate. By eating the arils, Persephone was thus joined to him – the pomegranate being a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage. Inconsolable at the loss of her daughter, Demeter, the corn goddess, prevented the earth from bearing fruit unless she saw her daughter again. Zeus arranged a compromise: Persephone would live with Hades for one third of the year and the other two thirds with Demeter. Persephone’s return from the Underworld each year is marked by the arrival of spring

No pomegranate for me I’m good thanks lmao

Simmer until the desired taste is reached

I agree

Garnish with apple slices, orange slices, orange spirals, anise and cinnamon sticks

I don’t garnish..not a garnisher unless you count a straw lol

As we prepare our sacred altars on this most important night of the year, Samhain, brew up a pot of Witches Brew with White Magick Alchemy’s Witches Brew, blended especially for Samhain.

Use Witches Brew to add the essence of Samhain to your sacred space too! To use as an aromatic home brew, fill a cauldron or simmering pot with about 2 cups of water. Add the contents of the Witches Brew bag into the water and simmer on low heat. If simmering for a longer period of time, make sure to add more water to the mix.

From our altar to yours, with love and magick!

I hope that gives you some fresh new ideas the important thing is the honoring of your ancestors and taking time out to enjoy the season it’s the intent .that matters.

My kids when I’m passed recess peanut butter cup and a glass of Chardonnay is fine lol I’ll know you miss me 😉

Broomsticked on Artfire

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