About Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey is a real woman, real mother of 3 and a Real Witch, Professional Hoodoo style spell caster, Tribal style Bellydance instructor, She lives in Carson City, Nevada and teaches at Crimson Moon Intuitive Arts
She is globally recognized as a co founder of The Real Witches ,alongside Psychic Medium Erin Renee.
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75 thoughts on “About Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches

  1. hi cant find anything about love spells in your shop 😦 can u tell me if you are able to cast them and do u need to do a reading beforehand?

  2. hi thank you for your reply
    I have just been looking through your love spells and a lot are unavailable?
    is this true or is it a website error?

  3. Hi Jessa. I’ve been reading alot about you and listening to success stories on youtube. I have a question.I recently been on a hunt for a real witch. So i gambled with sellers on Ebay. I purchased a break up spell first then second I purchased a Obsession spell. Of course they were cast for me at least its what I’ve been told. Well now it seems my love and me are arguing everyday as if we are breaking up. This gave me the thought to let him go as much as i love this man. Well as soon as I had the strenght to do so. I felt a strong urge to see him stay with him and even visit his job as if im the one who is obsessed. Well sure enough I checked my mailbox and there was the item I ordered. The obsession amulet. He still seems distant while I’m going nuts out my mind. I’ve had two panic attacks I never had those before. Please tell me has the spells been reversed onto me is this possible? This can’t be a coincidence I feel so awful. This man is now 95% of every thought I have.

    • You have to remember all spell work really is, is a energy sent out to amp up or influence emotions etc. He may not be comfortable being obsessed with someone, hence his pull away, most likely it will wear off since it’s not his will to be obsessive.
      You how ever being female , we often are slightly more prone to be stuck on things etc, were more comfy with emotion so we’re a little more vulnerable when it comes to obsession spell, you both felt it, he just pulled away from discomfort while you’re flowing with the spell
      It should wear off soon, meanwhile, try your best to fight the obbessive instincts..it’s good practice. And keep things light with him, to calm him

    • I don’t do anything but white magick, so no break up or obsession spells, very few ppl can really handle the energy of them, I offer a addicted to me which is a white magick version, but I wouldn’t put anymore energy out till he’s done pulling away, some ppl just don’t not like feeling unexpected emotion suddenly and it’s not that the spell reversed, sounds like you found a great caster, just wrong type of spell on a person not fond of surprise heavy emotion.
      When casting love spells…look at your target..how do they handle intense emotion..if you know they pull away or run, then most love spells may give you trouble.

  4. Hey jessa I have a problem I like if you can get in touch with me on casting a powerful spell on some people who are threating my daughter to rape her please contact me at on my cell phone number is 7605742499

  5. Was it on etsy? I will go see what I can do, Etsy suspended my shop because of Spell Casting so not sure how you got as far as you did lol
    My shop is on Artfire but yes email me for my PayPal information jessasjuju at live dot com
    Have to spell it out or spam bots will get it. That’s not my payment address just contact me there!

  6. Hi Jess.
    I was interested in a love / love binding spell. Could you casted this for me? And if so what would I need to do and how much does it cost??

  7. Hey I heard about your love spells on you tube and would love to do one how much does it go for ?where would I have to go to get it done

  8. Hi Jess
    Have to say great work !
    i would like to get my ex back
    What is the best spell choice if they are in another relationship ?

    Iam not sure that’s the case but want to make the right choice

    Would it be best to go for the contact me spell and ex back as well ?
    I haven’t heard from my ex in 1.5 months after being together for a year and I miss her so much
    Thanks for your help
    Kind regards

  9. Yes I’m interested in your love spell to return a lover. I know he still loves me, he says he does, he says he feels like it’s not over between us. He tells me that we jus need space right now and that if we do try again he wants it to be for good. But right now he can’t see a relationship with me. He’s confused and has all kinds of emotions.

  10. In October last year, I upgraded a classmate named Honoka from a best friend into my crush after my last crush got a boyfriend and eventually I lost my infatuation towards her. Honoka at that time suffered a break up from my closest friend, I secretly thought that it was finally my time to steal her heart. However, the weekend after the break up, she had a new crush, few days later when she told me that she was getting dissatisfied with her new crush, I all of sudden confessed my love for her, and she rejected me and I got friendzoned. It later cause me to gradually start getting clingy and aggressively chasing her. There was even this one time when she rested her head on my shoulder while we were on the train which was amazing despite me being in the friendzone.

    Things started to take a serious toll by the end of November, I ask her out and she refused it at the last minute. By the time December came, our friendship has been completely damaged, I acted clingier than ever and she acted more and more cold and distant to me, I later apologized to her few days before the Christmas came and she accepted it. By the start of 2017, our friendship gradually healed, she currently dating another guy and our friendship continuously recovered by the beginning of sophomore year. However 2 months later, our friendship would suddenly come to an end, it was devastating but I really really want her to be girlfriend since I never had a girlfriend before. I tried casting a love spell by myself using red and black candle but still having a lot of struggles. I want that closeness that I have with her to come back and come to the point that she would finally have romantic feelings for me and be my very first girlfriend. I tried different spell casters but nothing happen. Please Please help me!!!

    • You can’t force her self will which is probably why none of the spells have worked. You could try doing a ideal new love drawing spell and moving on when your ready but it’s just not sounding like this girl feels that way for you, I’m sorry

  11. How much is a intellagence spell also a job finding spell and what would learning how to drive what spell would that fall under

  12. Hey Jessa …
    You helped me years ago with a Dominican witch problem. Today I have an urgent situation where my brothers wife has made some serious false allegations against him we need some down and dirty … intensive supernatural intervention.
    My # is 780 362 2354

  13. Hi Jessa, I emailed you and sent message on artfire. I want to order, but need questions answered. Can you get back with me? Do you still take orders? Hope you will reply soon, sorry for impatience, you just seem so great and I want you to cast for me.

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