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  1. I have an ex that i want to long for me. I want him to come back to me.

    I also want a money spell I’m running short for college.

    Could you give me yhe price and if I need more detail.

  2. I really need me and my ex to get back together. I love him so much. We broke up in august and have tried working on things since then but they don’t work out. And now he barely speaks to me please help me

  3. When I buy this spell it asks for my adress so does it get shipped to me? Or do you do the spell yourself? Because I’m not seeing a discription box to tell you anything about me and him

    • Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing 
      Increase your odds of getting what you want. 

      We can not fully control anything but we can influence everything and sometimes that influence can be greater then we expect.
      Sometimes things are or aren’t meant to be, just how it works. If you seek full control , witchcraft is not for you.

      I have been casting spells for over 20 years. I also have inattentive Adult Add. I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.
      So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time. 

      But do I know exactly how much Magick increases the odds before casting …nope
      Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no
      Will I refund you if it doesn’t? Will you refund me the supplies and time lost in my life performing your spell plus daycare ? Nope you won’t lol

      If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail
      Most fail because the purchaser was loopy as hell mentally or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave. 

      Your sanity in choosing a spell to be cast ,directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..please keep that in mind when leaving feedback lol

      My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame.

      I don’t do free recasts .

      After purchase send me a message with everyone’s first names, birth year (or statement you and target are over 18) 
      No photos are needed..the spells I do were around long before cameras lol
      So no worries !

      Give real spell casting a shot at a fair price and casted by a fabulous real witch ! 

      Love Jessa The Hoodoo Honey

      • I’ve been emailing you and I’ve gotten no response but I’m buying the spell now so when will you cast it?

    • Did you email me the names and bdays, then nothing to worry about, I do spell work after all the kids are in bed etc , I’ll contact you before I start tonight, but as long as you sent me the names, birthdays and payment all is well 🙂

      • Will you email me after you cast the spell? Everything has been payed and sent to your email…..

      • How do I get I touch with jessa? I’ve sent her my money & gotten no response……

        Sent from my iPhone


      • I’m Jessa and I’ve told you, I had to get dinner going, I’m slowly feeling just a little pushed here. Please please relax. It’s really not good to start off spell work with your anxiety level.

      • I just needed to know if you received my payment… I’m not trying to be pushy I just wanted to make sure.

      • Yes all is fine, like I’ve said a few times. Now please let me do my evening stuff and I will email you from the tablet after kids are asleep before I start spell work

      • You’ve already emailed me many many times today I’ve already responded, I’ve already told you I’m Pacific time and I don’t start spell work till my children are asleep, its 6pm here I’m doing dishes and starting bath time. I will check my email and respond when I can as its not on my phone. Thank you

  4. Have been going back as a repeat client to jessa for almost 2 years and every spell I have ordered has worked! My ex has came back with the help of jessa! I love this woman she helps and is real and will always come back to her when I need spells! Love you jessa

  5. hello, can I have your email, i wanna ask something
    its a spell, but i dont see it in your list
    id just like to tell you the case, its more…. complicated, hehea

  6. Hello, I’m looking to get someone that I’m in love with to move to the state to be with me. He moved out of the state for work and said he doesn’t like it here. Can I get him to move back to be with me? We have an amazing connection and I would love for this to work.

  7. My ex started to fall in love with a new woman but i can’t see my life without him and i really want to marry him and only him. So if you can help me get him back in love with me and marry me so we can live happily. The good thing is that he still cares about me. Please message me so i can give u more details 🙂 thanks

    • Got the payment, thank you, checking for info if can’t find can you resend to Jessasjuju at live com, let me check notes though, but if you can shoot me a email there so I can tell you more anyways

  8. Please email me on how to proceed with return a lover spell. I would like me boyfriend, Troy, back please. We have been separated since July. I did talike to a medium psychic who said that Troy’s heart Chakra was blocked and could fix it for $400! I’m a single divorced mother of two struggling so there is no way I can afford that as I live from paycheck to paycheck. Will a spell work if his heart Chakra is blocked? Then I mistakenly talked to a spell caster from Nigeria who want ed me to send $100 via Western Union and when I wouldn’t do it, he said he was going to cast evil spirits on me and my kids so now do I need a protection spell please? I am praying and meditating that the white light protect me and my kids. Please help us and thank you for your time.

    • You are talking to alot of scam artists, don’t buy anything! And no that guy is a total scam, he says that to everyone that won’t pay, the cursed bullshit, no your not cursed, he just mad your not a fool and hoping you scare easily lol
      I do sell return ex lovers at my shop they are 49.99 but before purchase please please read my very long FAQ in every listing about free will etc.
      And 90 percent of most ppl I know have kinda icky heart Chakra issues, never pay that much for Reiki, that’s also a con

  9. Hello! I just paid for a money drawing spell. I haven’t emailed you the details but I did sent you an email.Please email me back when you do get the chance to.Thanks!

  10. Hi, I need a spell cast work from you but my situation is complicated and I do not know which spell suites my situation, can u please advice, thank you.

  11. Can I explain my situation through text? I don’t want my business on the Internet . I’m interested in getting help from you . Please contact me at xxxxxx for explanation on my situation thankyouc:

    • I’m having a huge problem with ArtFire and ppl not being able to pay especially out of America I’m emailing them like a wild woman trying to figure out what is going wrong especially since nothing is shipped anyways lol
      For right now till I can get customer service to pay attention lol
      I can take a paypal payment or send a invoice , just contact me through the shop or jessasjuju(at)

  12. In October last year, I upgraded a classmate of mine from best friend into my crush after my last crush got a boyfriend and eventually lost my infatuation towards her. This particular person at that time suffered a break up from my closest friend, I secretly thought that it was finally my time to steal her heart. However, the weekend after the break up, she had a new crush, few days later when she told me that she was getting dissatisfied with her new crush, I all of sudden confessed my love for her, and she rejected me and I got friendzoned. It later cause me to gradually start getting clingy and aggressively chasing her. There was even this one time when she rested her head on my shoulder while we were on the train which was amazing despite me being in the friendzone.

    Things started to take a serious toll by the end of November, I ask her out and she refused it at the last minute. By the time December came, our friendship has been completely damaged, I acted clingier than ever and she acted more and more cold and distant to me, I later apologized to her few days before the Christmas came and she accepted it. Our friendship gradually healed while we were on vacation, but it was never the same compared to where it was almost 4 months ago. I really really want her to be my girlfriend since I never had a girlfriend before, but the problem is she doesn’t have the same feelings on me as I have on her, I tried casting a love spell by myself using red and black candle but still having a lot of struggles. I want that closeness that I used to have with her to come back but come back to the point that she would finally have feelings for me and be my very first girlfriend. Please help me before some other guy tries to steal her heart.

  13. Hi, i was curious if you take new clients I have been seeing a new guy for a few months now and I really do like him a lot. However he had a tough divorce and has a huge guard up. One minute he wants to spend time with me and the next minute he doesn’t call me for days. I’m super frustrated

  14. This is Chad cracknell my ex common law wife left me and the kids another woman is there any spells that will work to get her back forever do you cast him I wouldn’t know how to catch them I want her back I’ve been depressed and I need her back in my life please can you help me

  15. hi i purchased high priestess pyhia’s love spell its cheap also.after sending the money she hardly answer my email.and dont see any result of what i buy.

  16. Please don’t print this! Hi I really need your help it hard to know who is good or real on net I tried some not had any sighs
    Please email me I had trouble finding u
    I’m broken

  17. Dear Jessa
    My situation is a difficult and different one. I hope you can help me.
    My boyfriend was forced to marry a woman by his family. It was an arranged marriage. He tells me that he does not love her. The problem is that his family will not allow him to divorce her. He feels she is now his responsibility.
    He tells me that he loves me and wants to marry me.
    He is muslim so can have two wives but I cannot agree to this because it caused so many problems already and forced us apart. I don’t see a peaceful future for us if he stays married to her.
    Can you cast a spell to make them break up and divorce?
    That way we could be together problem free.
    Thank you

  18. Me and my bf broke up about 6 days ago. We we’ve been going out for almost a year now. It’s been amazing, ups and downs but real love none the less. Recently the fighting has gotten to him and he just hasn’t been sure. We broke up and I just really love him so much. I already purchased the return an ex lover spell. I have personally worked with Wicca before and it has almost always worked when I’ve done it. I am just… I would like to leave this to someone who has been practicing for about 20 years+. I am only 20 years old so far less experienced lol but I believe it runs in my family or something because when I was young, I was just so fascinated by all magick. Writing spells and doing things when I was only about 6. I believe in magick, it has worked for me (good and bad). So I truly do hope you can aide me in this. I will also do anything I can to help make the spell stronger. Thank you

  19. Hi do you cast court case spells I am just wondering because I’m up in court soon and I can end jail but it was a drunken night out and I got a bit upset with some people and lashed out and I was going through a rough time I was mentally beaten up inside I had lost my mum the year before and split up.from my long term partner and I was a very poorly man I was thinking of taking my own life is there any way you can in crease my chances of not going to jail I’ve got kids who need m out of that place

  20. Hi my name is Sherece R Gilcrease born Nov.10.1979…. I was wondering about a money spell… hopefully a very very powerful money luck Prosperity spell…&& I was wondering about pricing how much will it cost in do you do a lottery spells for gambling spells??….

  21. Hi Jessa. I have dropped you an email and a facebook msg on ur page. Please get intouch as Im really looking forward to discuss my case with you.

    Thank you.

  22. Hello, I seen your video on YouTube. It is amazing. I was wondering if you have a love spell for me. If you email me I will tell you the situation and you can decide which spell is best. Please & thank you

  23. Hello, I seen your video on YouTube. It is amazing. I was wondering if you have a love spell for me. If you email me I will tell you the situation and you can decide which spell is best. Please & thank you..
    * this email is mine the other was a mistake.
    Thanks again!!

  24. My partner of four years recently told me he had gotten another woman pregnant. This was not planned. They are noth 42 years of age. Is there any way for me so speak with you about this?

  25. Dear Jessa, I am in a really tricky situation… i’m married over twelve years. More or less happy but always peaceful and a deep friendship..and then I met someone and it was like a thunder, never had such feelings of being at home at the goal to recognise each other, deeply happiness and love on both sides. I’m not sure what this is… but of course it makes my family life more than complicated. So I was wondering, what is the right spell… for sure the clarity and truth spell… at the moment I feel forced… I want to be with this other man but I don’t want to hurt my family and I don’t know how to handle it especially because my husband is really trying everything not to loose me at the moment. I would be thankful if you can help me. Big hugs Eva

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