Where real spell casters and psychics should go post Etsy and eBay

So I built a 2nd shop I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the design but it was a bit more complex then just adding listings to like Etsy or Artfire etc.
I did because I realized Artfire has been over charging me for awhile for right now that shop will remain open but I might be going to war with them lol

Check out both shops they both have pros and cons but with so many spell casters and psychics looking for new homes from Etsy I’d like to do a good review for other sellers I know.
So need feedback and what you as a consumer like and dont like about each

So far Shopify is driving me nuts its probably great for people who know what they are doing but took me 2 days to build a crappy looking shop with no contact me button and you have to do all your own Google stuff and just omg I’m not sure why paying them exactly lol

Like they do nothing.

And right now my Artfire shop is completely down with a error message lol

So not sure what I’m paying them for either !!

I’m gonna watch tv and relax and then do the couple of spell work orders I got from return customers and plain old Facebook page today.

If you ever need any spell work and neither shop is working just email me


Hoodoohoney on Shopify

Broomsticked on Artfire


New Spell Caster Reviews

I have a bunch to add but gotta go find them all

But this one just came in right now so let me get it posted.

Hi Jessa

Unbelievable. It worked. Not that I ever doubted you but slowly slowly he has come back to me within just 7 days of your work. You are incredible. That’s 2 for 2 with you.


Why isn’t my psychic reading consistent?

Speech time lol
This is also going on blog although I keep saying that and then dont actually make it over there. 😉
Ok I dont read over my own spell work number one you’d have to be non human to be that unbiased. My spell work is my art. My art is my baby.
So it’s just impossible for me to be that non biased subconsciously.
Your just not gonna get a accurate reading plus for some reason it gives a migraine like headache.
So just no your little 5 bucks ain’t worth tearing up my tummy more with advil lol

So I have psychic readers I recommend to people and I know alot of you run over usually right after spell work lol
And ask about the situation and sometimes you ask every other day.
Ok I want my psychic friends to make a little money but I do care about their feedback too and if your running over getting a reading 4 hours after I just did your spell work. Your still not gonna accuracy.
No matter how good they are.
It takes awhile for energy to absorb and move things and change things etc.

So I really need you guys to understand that and not take it out on the reader.

Sometimes even if your doing something new yourself, self care wise, hypnosis, reiki, even sometimes herbs and medications, sound therapy, meditation, can raise your vibrations and as that process is happening especially if you have just started it , readings can be a little off during that shift.

So it’s not the readers fault.

So when getting a reading from different people or even same in a row and the answers don’t seem consistent alot of times its because something is shifting and hasnt settled yet.
And it could be the person you’re asking about or it could be you.
But someone is shifting somehow and the energy dust just hasnt settled yet so to speak.

So be patient.

Thank you!

Gardnerville Ranchos Murders

I have been meaning to do this for a few nights but today finally got a chance to sit down and meditate and pray .

Been some stuff out where I used to live in a little town called Gardnerville going on.
Been meaning to take some time to do this but just now finally got a chance too.
May the families of the victims feel our love and support.
And may the killer be caught and brought to justice.

Thank you St Jude.

For all you have done for me over the past few months and all I know you will do to get this killer and let people start healing.

Bless 2 ..the beautiful women he/she took from our community and their families.

May they feel our love radiate for them.

Broomsticked on Artfire

So You Know Local Reno and Carson City Pagan Real Psychic Reader Has Gone To Esty.

I think you all know how I feel about Esty personally lol

But in this case a man Ive known forever through the actual community here has opened a Rune Psychic Reading shop on Etsy.

I just want to give him a hand and some support. I really liked the reading I got from him..

Give him a shot. Ridculously Affordable !


Silver Tree of Avalon on Etsy

When your Spiritual AF but life throws a curve ball.

Im not sure what all I’m going to say here. I just saw that a guy that was semi well known in the new age community and actually published a tarot deck that did pretty well I thought, I had heard of it.
Is homeless now.
Its on his website so this isnt gossip or anything.
But just a time as we go into a new year about admitting hey the best psychics don’t always see every thing coming . The best spell casters can’t make a money spell work over night for themselves either.
So why do we do this. Why do we believe in what we do.
I can’t speak for him but I know for myself when I do my work and don’t get mad at my cards or go into denial I truly credit my beliefs and practices for keeping as sane and stable and comfortable as I am.
Without going into long stories I turned out way way way better then I technically should of.
And I’ve had my share of creep up crisises I sure didn’t see coming.
But yet I rise.
And I hope he does too but it’s never over night.
We use our practices to grow. To manifest and create better lives and we absolutely can I know that without a doubt. But that does that mean there’s never gonna be a sudden storm or curve ball? Nope that’s just gonna happen. But never let that discourage you from keeping on taking care of yourself , trying new things, believing in magick and the unknown.
What a boring life if would be if we let every curve ball discourage us from connecting with the nature all around us and making a wish on a star.
Don’t let that part of yourself ever go even in the middle of a curveball you just hang in there.
Hang in there.

Broomsticked on Artfire