2 tools to use with spell casting for better results. Hypnosis and Sound.

So after the plantary crap fest of July 2019. I figured August would come around and my own personal spell work would really kick in etc. As it was going good in June.

Well alot changed in my life Im now taking care of my 7 month old teething grand niece full time. I love her shes a cutie but I think she sucked out alot of vibrations out of me lol Just Kidding but it does get stressful and I am energy drained.

When Sayda my youngest was a baby my personal spell work went down hill too.

You gotta remember spell work amps up. If your sleep deprived, drained, stressed, anxiety ridden your not gonna have that much to work with. Self care has to come first.

Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect. You can stay up and binge netflix now and then but when its daily and your adjusting to something new and stressing most of the time your spell work results wont be as strong. Just how it works.

So what can you do. Go back to basics.

I would start on you tube, spotify, whatever and do free isochronic sound therapy. Or binural if you have good headphones.

Im a fan of alpha waves, they dont knock me out like delta waves, and for some reason theta waves can hurt my head and make me slightly nauseated.

Beta waves maybe helpful in the am. But people who wake up stressed and anxious wanna be careful with them. They can raise mood though.

But its the alpha waves I find best for breaking down stress walls and anxiety without becoming too sleepy just relaxed.

Get enough rest. You need energy, not coffee jitters for spell work to really do its thing.

Hypnosis. The self hypnosis apps are fine, some way better then others, find one you like. Even if it just to sleep deeper. Or a nice anti anxiety anti stress one and start using it.

Then before busting back into money or love spells

Use your inner sunshines, your confidence, road openers, luck, maybe some free chakra reiki balancing music back on you tube.

Then from there go on to your weight loss or money spell and I can bet you your results will be way more intense.

It sounds like alot of work but its really not.

Im about to go in and put on some alpha waves myself . Ive gotta kinda start from square one too.

So we can do this together!

Dont focus too much on raising your vibration or having a perfect vibration or perfect life. Your gonna have nights you can’t sleep, days you skip lunch or eat junk, that’s fine. Just take it one day at a time and try to just move a step up from yesterday. Add in the tools above for a couple of weeks and you will see what I mean you will notice your calmer with more energy and then your ready to really get the most from your spell work.