Bear down on cancer. All Chicago sports teams people may I have just a moment of your time.

So here’s the deal.

Help Boompa and Boop Bear Down and Beat Cancer.

I have been best friends with the future Betty Wagner since I was 13 years old. At 17 she met a man named Dale Wagner. I had no idea how much that first date would lead too. 30 years later they are still together.

Not many of our generation can say that. They are blue collar hard working parents that raised 5 children. And now are wonderful grandparents of 5 grandchildren. Some of them living at their home.

Boompa is Dale’s Grandpa name 🙂

Boop is of course Betty’s life long nickname.

Even after working all their lives they like most blue collar workers aren’t rich and need help bad while Dale fights Cancer like The Fridge took down anything in his way 🙂

We gotta Bear down and help them keep their roof over their heads while he fights for his life. He’s got the hard work to do. We just need to keep the home fires burning for the 5 kids and 5 grandchildren and beautiful wife that can not lose him.

I don’t care if its 5.00 donation or just sharing as much as possible I want this to go viral and I expect any Bears fans if you got money for football squares you got money for this.

Cubs fans too and just friends family and strangers blown away that this little couple from Springfield, Illinois now in Auburn could create all that they have throughout the years.

Im a disabled single mom and if I can drop a 5 on it , you can too and if we can reach thousands of people dropping 5s on it. We might pull off a miracle. So share come back and drop your change here, do whatever your able too. Make donations in your businesses names for advertising! I will be! Please just help me help my true family Boompa and Boop.

To be honest we just all found out have no idea what sort of medical bills are going to happen during this battle. But with 10 children and grandchildren total and a wife already working multiple jobs, lets come together and keep em warm and fed over winter and get this battle started.

Updated Free General Guidance message from your Ancestors/ Spirit guides per 5.00 donation to this go fund me .

Bear down on cancer