Ok Final post after my Epic Adventures selling online eBay Etsy Vinted Artfire Bonanza Poshmark Mercari Depop 2019

So as we who sell our treasures and wares and services online enter the holiday season after 6 months of experimenting and seeing it all in action.

Here is my advice for what sells where.

As we all know how important holiday sales are, here is my down and dirty findings.

Jessas guide to online selling after a now almost 6 months experiment

Poshmark women’s clothes and shoes the bigger the brand the better sales

Mecari …all other clothes, jewelry, and some misc items no spell casting or readings allowed but if you’re a magical supplier, oils herbs etc or rocks just as good as etsy if not better as not as picky. It reminds me of eBay back in the early 2000s in its glory days I actually expect Mercari to really take off. Selling is extremely easy …..and no fuss and hasn’t been invaded by China ..the way eBay has.

Etsy Handmade stuff obviously custom is great taking things from wish and adding your own style, patching up jeans from thrift stores etc anything you can personalize for people, pet paintings etc. Must have some artist ability and good photography skills to really make it there. Good start out for readers and spell casters but watch out they can and will close you down in a heartbeat and a lifetime ban if you try to reopen. Probably the most strict and unforgiving right next to eBay.

Ebay ..music collectibles, rare items, collectibles in general, vintage does great.

Hair extensions etc

Bonanza …Spell Casting and Readings

Artfire …Spell Castings and Readings if you have a built in following
Also good on Etsy but shops can be closed in a heartbeat your safer building up on Fivver Artfire and Bonanza that are service friendly.

Depop …anything extremely vintage clothes wise or ultra in style a much younger audience that few over late 30s will connect with.
Some goth stuff might do ok there as it gains more popularity

Vinted …womens clothes do well some resale jewelry do ok.

Children’s clothes better off on Mercari.

Things I like about vinted. No selling fee and fairly friendly place. Probably the cheapest place if a clothes reseller ..but keep it Juniors …..and womens.

Vinted can be strict too they took down a nike hoodie I had for sale wanting better photos to prove it was actually Nike I was like whatever.

Plain old Facebook groups and pages

You know I do get sales through facebook alone. I do recommend using other platforms and as you get regulars on your facebook pages making direct sales from messages using your paypal or venmo or facebook payments. Its still wide open I mostly get direct sales from Facebook from people that find Artfire to hard to use for my spell casting services and readers seem to do good on facebook alone.

Summer 2019 experiment in selling clothes and jewelry. Poshmark vs Mercari vs Ebay vs Vinted vs Depop

Apparently Etsy did not care about my appeal lol

What I have found out now that Summer is almost officially over.

My opinion

Ebay had the lead but over all more sales at Mercari.

But when it comes to collectible things like music, vintage stuff I think Ebay is still the best bet.

But Mercari did blow me away. People do like to really try to get you down price wise my advice list your starting price higher then you mean so you have wiggle room.


The cult of apparently really thin well dressed people lol

No I do like Poshmark but it gets to be kinda cult like, if someone shares your stuff, you have to share back, ..the followers get crazy, ..the parties, I’m not even sure if my sales are from being shared 5000 or just random luck

But oddly even though its had the least amount of sales what I did sell has sold for more money and I didn’t have to pay shipping

Vinted I was mad at them at first their referal vouchers are impossible to use for some reason. But I came back and have had some recent sales there.

I like it because they don’t take any listing fees out and once again I don’t have to pay shipping. Its not a bad little selling app. Alot of rules though.

Depop was the last I used have not sold a thing. But it’s a pretty app. But wouldn’t go running to it what does sale seems to be very unique clothes aimed at 20 somethings who don’t do forever 21.

The way cooler richer crowd.

Wish I could say something about Etsy but I can’t lol

Over all for jewerly Etsy and Mercari for really nice stuff Poshmark with Patience

Adverage name brand Clothes Mercari hands down with Vinted not to far behind

Anything not clothes or jewelry. Ebay

Super fancy clothes in small sizes or fancy lularoe Poshmark

Now to see how the holiday shopping goes. My friend talked me into starting a Instagram for my handmade things and jewerly and spell casting.

So far its mostly men asking me how I’m doing. Lol

Not sure its helping sales.

We shall see

Turned off Google ads and got more orders at Broomsticked on Artfire my main shop this week then normal.

Shrugs..Nods head

Ahhh The World of following you’re bliss with online shops 🙂

Not witchcraft related well could be if you sell supplies etc. The great Ebay vs Poshmark vs Vinted vs Mercari sales race.

So I did a little experiment. When I fractured my ribs I over bought sundresses lol

As that was about all I could wear I kept 2 I really do like and put 4 up on eBay Mercari and Poshmark

Just to see what sold where.

I also then put up Sage wands at all 3 .

So far 1st Sundress just sold at Mercari.

We will see how this all turns out!


So far is the winner at this point 2 out of 4 sundresses have sold here

I have also added Vinted to the mix now.

So far Sage is not selling.

Im gonna look through my supplies and see what else I can list so I can report back

So far still impressed with Mercari


Archive 1 Reviews and Testimonials for Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Broomsticked. Spellcaster and Psychic Reviews. Set 1 , 2007 to 2017. Ebay and You Tube. 

You Tube Video Testimonials and Reviews for Spellcaster and Psychic Jessa the Hoodoohoney of The Real Witches and Broomsticked.

Watch “Customer Testimony of Jessa of the Real Witches Spell Casting Services” on YouTube

Watch “Video Testimonial for Powerful Money Spell by The Spell Casters of The Real Witches” on YouTube

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Ready to order some spell work yet? Broomsticked on ArtFire

Hi Jessa,

How are you? I wanted to send you an update on the last home sale spell you did for me….Well, after almost a year with no luck, once you did the spell it took
less than 2 months and got sold!!! As always I do not know how you do it but it ALWAYS WORKS!


I just want to thank you for the work you’ve done to help increase sales for my business. I am seeing a significant upswing! Many blessings –

New from 2018

I have other posts with other testimonials and reviews for my spell casting services but orginally was trying to keep them on same post.
Hello Jessa!

GUESS WHAT?!!! My daughter’s pregnant!!!!! WooHoo!!Thank you SOOO much!OU are INCREDIBLE !!!!God/Goddess bless you

Hello Jessa,

I just wanted to say thank you! Spells are definitely working! We went from a text Friday night, to a call Monday, to a call during his normal time this morning, mid morning, and his lunch call! I’ll pass out if he calls before bedtime too. I know everything is falling in to place! Thank you! I’m hoping that everything will be even more better than before. He’s already started calling me beautiful and sexy again;-)

Etsy banned the sales of spell casting services. 

So last week Etsy suspended my shop Broomsticked on Etsy and banned spell casting services. I have re opened since being suspended and am doing approved psychic readings there. Psychic Shop on Etsy.
Meanwhile I am still doing spell castings, just get in touch with me personally at the shop link above!


I opened a whole new shop on Artfire, please visit for new special on both spell castings and tarot readings!


Thank you so much , Blessings to all!