I’m addicted to making fixed rice mojo bags. 


So I’ve always been known locally for being able to make highly successful fixed rice for all sorts of situations. It never sold well online, think people are less familar with it. But it’s always been a true favorite of my locals. 

They say sometimes what seems like a curse is really a blessing. When Etsy banned me yet again for spell casting services. I got determined to offer a tangible product so I could continue a new shop on Etsy. 

I was doing my cards, thinking, meditating and it dawns on me, get some cloth bags and make fixed rice mojo bags like you do for locals. 

So I did and I’m absolutely addicted to making them for my online customers in the states, just not able to ship internationally from the mom and pop shipping store I use. 

So for international customers The direct casted spells are still also as always highly successful and on Artfire
But for old and new customers alike who want to try something new, consider my fixed rice mojo bags!!

Mojo Bag Shop on Etsy