Free Spells, Free Ritual Ostara, Spring Equinox Egg Ritual.

I’m hosting hopefully the biggest Group Egg Ritual ever , This Ostara 2017

March 20th 2017 from 10am to noon.


One Egg per person, this is free but donations are accepted , but seriously like 1 or 2 dollars max is fine and Not required.

Please see my Facebook page  Jessasjuju to sign up for this event!

And learn more! 

I really want to help atleast 100 people, that is my goal and my daughters will be helping.

If you are local to Northern Nevada and want to come over to help with Ritual and do your own egg feel free to contact me! 

I’m not sure this link works having issues 

Go to my page it should be relatively close to the top of the page for awhile!

Jessasjuju on Facebook on Facebook

Free Ancestorial Magick Ritual Spell This Halloween Samhain 

​Samhain / Halloween announcement.
I still take my girls trick or treating, then need to spend some serious time with relatives that just passed away myself,  then will be doing paid spellwork.  After that I’d like to offer one free petition, or message, very short please to your ancestors for assistance , or even just a quick hello I miss you for any recently departed.

Please keep them short, just basic requests for assistance from your ancestors on money,  health, family quarrels,  quiting smoking, love, basic safe travels, basic protection etc.
The rules you must go to And like the page if you haven’t. If you do not use Facebook, I will accept new followers on my blog

My Twitter feed Hoodoohoney 

OR Jessica Svensson on Google +
And then you need to be active,  like things,  share things,  +1 things,  re-tweet things,  etc

I’m doing this for free, share it with others and help me , help more people! 

Then you can message me your message or request,  please have them to me no later then the 30th.
The person who I see participating, liking,  sharing the most will be announced a few days early and get a free extra request or message sent. 
Got my altar all ready let’s go! 

Free Spell to break bad habits, very easy, great for beginners.

This is probably the easiest Spell ever. But never doubt the power of simplicity!
This Spell is used to break bad habits.
My favorite and the one I’ve used it for personally has been bad food habits and procrastinating.
If the bad habit your trying to break is of physical addicting nature such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc  this may not break it itself but will take a edge off the process and support other tools on your mission.

Do not judge it by its simplicity, try it a few times and let it surprise you!

Must be performed on rainy days!
With a water color pencil or chalk draw or write your bad habit on a piece of paper. Immediately take it out to the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the water colors or chalk. As by so will your habit dissolve, cleansed by the magic of rain.
Toss paper into trash and release when done.

If you need a back up real witch who has your back , visit my shop 🙂

Broomsticked on Artfire

painting by me, Jessa The Hoodoo Honey
Didn’t have a handy photo of rain 🙂