Full moon group candle intention ritual on the day Prince died. Letting go of what has passed and focusing on life in the here and now. 

I was so excited for tonight. Had been preparing a huge group intention candle for friends and clients. Plus had taken on 6 individual spell orders instead of my usual 4.

Then about 10am the tv flashed to a special report, Prince had died.

Shock, then tears, then just sadness hit. Luckily I saw my therapist at 1pm and was able to process and feel and get back on track for this very special full moon. 

It wasn’t easy I’m so grateful it was therapy day. The universe was looking out for me there, for sure! 

So here I am , starting tonight and happy and at peace, doing what I love. I wish that for all of you, through tears, shock, bad days, you still find that one moment where you feel love and joy and connected to all. 
Happy Full Moon and Huge Blessings to all .  

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Mabon, Fall Equinox, Super Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse September 2015 Cheat Sheet for Spells and Rituals Easy

Great Cheat Sheet for Mabon lol
And remember although the equinox was today, Saturday is actually when we will have the exact same hours of dark and light, with The super moon eclipse also over the weekend, so it’s a great weekend for saying thanks, giving offerings, protection and prosperity spells, and my favorite, making wine or visiting local wineries, or just enjoying a glass or some Apple cider, leave a little glass out with some sweet bread for your ancestors, and just enjoy the


calm of a fall breeze..And whisper thank you into the wind.

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Getting ready for the Blue Moon Peak

So I’m here on the balcony, got some blue moon charging going on.
A jar that will be a money luck jar , started with white wine open
A bowl full of crystals, candles, my favorite moon necklace, 5 pentacle necklaces for my shop, and my lucky black cat wine bottle and my wine cork runes.
Had some icecream as it’s hot out yet, gonna rest and be up in a few hours to catch that 3:42 am Blue Moon Peak 🙂
Will be repeating all of Friday night too, into Saturday night. Along with blessing petitions and personal spell castings and my clients spell work.
Blessed Be to all those up doing the good work tonight.
Moon Sister Moon..Shining From Above…Shine down upon us…

Sweet Sweet Lucky Blessings and Well Being and Contentment and Abundance and Health to all.




November 6th 2014 Beaver Full Moon

We’re down to the 2nd to the last full moon of the year, The Beaver Moon

I think of it as winterizing my life!
Just as I would run around dragging the kids hats and gloves out and checking the pilot light on the furnace
Now is a great time to check yourself on the insides for the cold nights ahead, have you let go of blocks? Have you forgiven? Have you checked your health out? How’s the savings account?

Make lists of how your looking for the quieter months ahead, are you good with what’s going on inside, good with the basic outsides, shield and protect !
If a few things could be better try to get them as close to ideal as possible , then protect !

And get ready for a few months of quiet and darker resting time!!

Blessings !

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