Ancestral Magic and Mothers Day.

Many people celebrate Mother’s Day the regular way and that’s fine.

But what if yours isn’t on Earth anymore or maybe you didn’t know yours, or the relationship ended at some point. It can be a hard day for some.

But you are actually the daughter of a thousand mothers, your ancestors. And if you want to bring some Goddess energy into this time of year, is there really a better time?

We could call it Goddess Day, Mother Earth Day, or the thousands of women who gave birth so you could be here day.

I myself have always struggled just a bit on Mother’s day being as I was abandon. But you know what I’m working through that still, till then I will be laying out some offerings to Oshuns and a few other favorite Goddesses, and to my ancestors.

It’s a wonderful day for it.

So if your like me and tend to run just a little funky. The woman that did raise me part of my life has passed now, I’ll defentily be leaving out some offerings and honor for her and know that she is in the world of Goddess energy.

I think many of us come to Goddess based religions that maybe didn’t have stable strong mother type energy in our lives.

And this is a good day to admit moms and women aren’t perfect and there is such ridiculously high standards put on us in the first place, then go to your altar and weither you say hello to a mom that has passed on to the great spirit and other lands. Or use a Goddess to represent that energy.

It can be a very healing day.

Give it a shot in your own ways 🙂

Ever Love

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Jessas JuJu


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