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Please try watching this video I do my best to answer the common questions about real love spells .Jessa The Hoodoo Honey on using Love Spells for Best Results

Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing

Increase your odds of getting what you want.

I have been casting spells for over 20 years. I also have inattentive Adult Add. I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.

So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time.

But do I know exactly how much spell work increases the odds before casting …nope.

Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no and never believe anyone whi guarentees spell work, That’s a huge sign of a scam.

Will I refund you if it doesn’t work?

I spend most of what I charge on supplies.

I make about 5 to 7 dollars per spell and spend a good hour plus on most of them.

If you can refund me a hour of my life for my effort. I will give you back the 5.00

And when you figure out how to refund someone a hour of their life and time and energy please do let me know!

If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail

Most fail because the purchaser was in denial or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave.

Your honest awareness of your targets feelings for you and blocks you may have directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..Please keep that in mind.

Spell Work is basically a giant shot of energy, but has to have something to stick to , to amp up or increase.

My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame.

I don’t do free recasts. If you had me do a spell with no results you really gotta get honest about why there was no results. Most likely your target has lied about their feelings or there’s a cloud of denial on your part

A truth and clarity spell can be used if unsure of targets real feelings before wasting money on love spells.

If you are not sure which love spell to use, I do free consultations to a extent. But only by email,I hate phone calls!

If it gets ridiculously long I will loose focus. I don’t need to know the whole story. Im not a psychologist or therapist.

What matters with love spells is a honest analysis of if you think your target has feelings and attractions to you that can be amped up and increased.

If your not sure but don’t want to use a truth and clarity spell casting, you can also start with a addicted to me. Its a great tester spell and if you see results you will know obviously this is a good target with hope, if nothing happens it might be time to let go.

If your trying to return a ex. The Return ex lover is the most direct.

If they are with a new person , I can not break them up. But if they still have feelings for you and the spell amps those up, they may chose to break up on their own and come back to you.

All love spells are 24.99

Except The Return ex Lover which is a 2 night spell. It is 49.99

I am no longer offering the pick 2 love spell discount as supply prices have gone up slightly and I had to remove that option or raise prices on all spells.

My email address and Paypal address is nirvana_banshe(at)

Or use

Pay Me Here

It will say M Svensson but I kept it through our divorce but I only use it.

I also accept emails at Jessasjuju(at) but do NOT send PayPal there.

It is for back up communication only.

The (at) is the @ sign, just trying to keep bots from spamming me 🙂

I have a selection of love spells for the most common issues in romance that I have ran into over all these years.

Here are descriptions, I will consult if your confused but my best advice is to ask yourself what is easiest to build on, that might be just getting back into contact, to maybe your already married but the fire is fading, …so you need a shot of lust.

Maybe there’s tons of lust but not much verbal intimacy, or sweetness, or commitment.

You can pick what you want to manifest more of, and yes you can mix and match and order as many as you want, or just try one and see how it goes.

Its all up to you. I do not hard sell and you know your target and situation better then I do.

After purchase send me a message with everyone’s first names, birth year (or statement you and target are over 18)

No photos are needed.

The spells I do were around long before cameras 🙂

I practice Ancestral Magick mostly. And some Sun Magick.

Meaning I do not always follow moon cycles. But if it is a Full Moon I will use lunar magick as I do enjoy shaking things up once a month.

But no type is more powerful then another really. Many people believe Full Moons are more powerful if you hold that as a subconscious belief you might want to wait for a full moon, but honestly the Sun is just as powerful and Your own Ancestors even more so in my experience.

But that is just my opinion please use your own gut feeling and work with your own beliefs

Once again I can not break self will, ..and anyone who claims they can is most likely a liar.

There are a few black magic and voodoo casters out there who will do their best and try and maybe even succeed and are for real. But watch out for words like guaranteed results if they succeded every time , you would of seen them on tv by now. 🙂

And do not ever, ever , ever let anyone tell you , you are cursed and offer to take money to remove the curse.

Just don’t, its the oldest scam in the book.

Your not cursed, love , attraction ..and romance are just complicated.

If they weren’t literature, art, film ..and music would suck and be almost non existent

Spell work aims to amp up a targets feelings for you but will not change a player into a saint of a husband over night.

I admit my own husband was kinda a ass 9 years ago and now is a committed wonderful father and husband 9 years later.

But it did not happen over night.

I did use spell work to slowly help our relationship grow and work and heal issues as they came up as they will in any relationship.

And you can of course use love spell work to keep a relationship strong and protected and growing, infact its easier to keep a good relationship strong then to try and fix a completely toxic and broken one.

If you have had bad experiences in love in the past I do suggest a road opener to remove negative energy and promote healing but that is your choice and does not mean you’re cursed.

For more extreme bad experiences there is also the cut n clear.

But once again these are optional and priced reasonably at 24.99

And not always needed. I myself did one cut n clear because I had alot of past trauma , then the draw ideal lover spell. But that decision came from noticing I was attracted to a certain type of male over and over again and that I wanted to start off more fresh and ready for a more mature and stable and healthy relationship.

(He was still a bit of a ass in the start but a different sort and took to spell work well, he was a good bit younger then me , so just had some maturing and growing to do which was for me much healthier still then past relationships)

You know your baggage better then I do. Use your most honest judgement.

Give real love spell casting a shot at a fair price and casted by a fabulous real witch !


Testimonials and Reviews of Jessa The Real Witch

Nothing is shipped and at this price I do not stop and take photos. I really get in my zone and its just too annoying to me

I also do not offer spell reports as I go into a neutral state..a meditative zone when casting and do not have the energy after to do all that fru fru stuff.

I would have to raise prices.

Im a spell caster, not a professional note taker or reporter and not a photographer.

Im also not a psychiatrist or doctor.

Im performing a spell for you and that’s it 🙂

Im really good at it though, but do not offer guarantees because Im also not God.

I do have amazing testimonals though! You can find them here at my blog and a few on You Tube.

24.99 Love Spells

Please PayPal me at Pay Me Here

And please check spelling of email address.

Or you can simply request I send you a invoice through Paypal, send me a message at Jessasjuju(at) or moonshinedmojo(at)

Love Spells by The Real Witches

Addicted to me, Authentic Powerful Love Spell Casted for you!

Make em crave you!

Addicted to me, is a fast working love spell casted for you in hoodoo style tradition.

Get em hooked on you now!

This real and powerful love spell works as a quick and forceful bliss rush when they hear your name or think of you!

They will feel nothing but bliss &

happiness !

…..and just like anything that causes a high they will want you more and more!

This is a fun love spell to use in early relationships to get you on their brain and start out the days with mutual smiles on the lips!

Get love buzzed now!

We all love feeling great, make sure the one you love is feeling great about you!


Love Spell Stay with me, make me a priority. Spend more time together.

Extroverts, Charming busy workalcholic extroverts. We don’t want to squish who they are, work is important, being a good friend to friends is a good quality. But sometimes you just wish you were a little higher on the priority list and you could get a little more alone time with them right?

I’m a introvert married to one of these dear extroverts and in the beginning of our relationship just omg it really drove me nuts. And I’m pretty independent and like my alone time, but truth was I just needed a little more time with him then I was getting. So I used this great old hoodoo spell called Stay with me, and it worked. Now after 8 yrs of marriage I can say without this spell I’m not sure I would of stayed around myself.

It’s great spell for those who don’t mean to ignore you but just have alot going on.

It will not cause harm to their jobs or buddies but just add that balance so you are a priority too!


Forgive me. A love spell to help someone heal from your screw up.

We’re all human. We all screw up. Some people like myself screw up really bad.

Maybe you said some crap you didn’t mean when drunk. Maybe you slept with their ex best friend. Maybe you lost the ring that costed them 3 pay checks.

Your in trouble and hate yourself. But what’s worse is they are not thrilled with you either .

Get some forgiveness juju going. …really can’t hurt 🙂


Put a ring on it! Love spell for commitment and marriage.

So you have been dating your target for some time now and youve realized your perfectly cool with commiting and planning that dream wedding or handfasting, or moving in together and commiting to not date other people. Your target person seems to either just not be in a hurry or seems a bit scared or indecisive. This is a old hoodoo love spell ,actually taught to me by a voodoo queen when I was young. Has a fabulous success rate , when used the right way. For example I used it on my younger hot pool boy lover and we got married and are happy. When I used it on Brad Pitt when I was 20, yeaaah well Im not Jessa Pitt am I? Nope and at 46 very grateful this spell doesn’t work like that.



Love Spell, The Dream of me Love Ritual.

So I created this spell when working with a old client who was pursing the affections of a Greek girl who was taught she would dream of the man she should marry.

This spell intentions are to put you in your target’s head during their night time dreams!


Hoodoo Honey Jar Love Spell by Jessa The Hoodoo Honey The Real Witches

Sugar be Sweet. Hoodoo Honey Jar Love Spell . Get more Sugar out of your Wild Honey.

The bedroom is a blaze. You got the lust thing down alright. But your craving more Sugar Sweet Romance outside of the wild romps? This love spell seeks to enhance verbal sweet nothings, takes down defenses and helps them express their most romantic and sugar loving side ….

Let your ears hear the words you’ve been craving and your eyes witness the actions you’ve been waiting for with this old , world famous Hoodoo Honey Jar Sweet Love Spell.


Hoodoo Draw Ideal Lover Love Spell. Sick of being single?

Hoodoo Ideal Romance, Love Drawing Love Spell.

I wanna know what real love is! I’m ready for the one. Sick of dating ? Tired of one night stands ? Tired of relationships that go no where?

Tired of returning exs that you realized you had glorified in your mind ? Ready to trust the spirits to bring you your ideal mate? And shot at true life long happy fulfilling romance and commitment?

Then step right up you brave soul!

You would think this would be the most popular love spell well umm it’s not even close! Lol Why because humans don’t trust The Divine to match them up with

a physically attractive fun perfect ideal mate for some reason. So we head to online dating sites instead lol !

Alot of people, seem to think Divine Great Spirit will pick out someone were not physicaly attracted too! I do not know where the heck people got that idea. I used this love spell and met my current husband and hes the hottest guy Ive ever had a long term relationship with.

If The Divine Source didn’t want you to have lust and true love at once, it would of made some other way to make babies! Lol.

Lust is part of marriage! You will lust this person! Stop ignoring a chance for the real with someone for fear of the unknown.


Hoodoo Love Spell for Faithfulness. You are all mine!

Stay Faithful to me, Hoodoo Love Spell by Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches. Real Love Spells Casted Here.

This a white magic love spell casting. It is meant to give your honey the strength to stay faithful in this life of so many temptations! I think we can all be honest and say there’s times we all need a little strength lol

Help your honey be good , because it just ain’t always so easy!


Love Spell for increased communication and verbal intimacy.

Im a real witch yes, but I’m also first and foremost a real woman and I know from my own romances and all my girlfriends the number one complaint other then time numbing our gratitude and excitement for each other ( which I’m about to release a new spell for that too ) …the tie for first place complaint has got to be communication of emotions from….men

I don’t want to sound sexist…and don’t mean to generalize but even with my own son its hard to get him to discuss a emotion or thought without dragging it out of him lol

In trying to think of names for this spell I considered Loosen my lovers lips lol

Speak your mind and throw in some sugar lol

The force and energy of this love spell casting seeks to help the target feel more safe comfortable and brave about verbal expression of intimacy and their feelings…

It’s not so much a spit out the truth spell (although I can do those)but it’s more about amping up the verbal expressions of emotion and thoughts that us ladies naturally use to form deep bonds from sharing with the men we love and getting them to give us just that little more communication that we thrive on.


The Red Hot Sex Lust & Seduction Love Spell Casted for you by a Real Witch !

Amp up the fires of your love! Rekindle the flames you used to share, and start whole new levels of heat!

Or use to just plain amp up your sex life and have the best sex ever!

This spell is a very strong lust spell.

It can not break self will. If the target does not feel even a ounce of lust for you it will not work!


Truth and Clarity Magick Spell

Bring the truth out! Truth and Clarity spell, get the real scoop on what’s being hidden from your perspective! Weither its to help a decision you need to make or you just feel someone is withholding the truth from you. This is the white magick spell for you!


Hoodoo Road Opener Spell. Get unstuck, get rid of funk, un hex, clear

Feeling Cursed? Got a funk? Or maybe you just can’t clear the cobwebs of negative thought patterns from your mind.

Let me help you release all the gunk and junk you’ve absorbed from the outside and also help you clear out your self created goop 🙂

If your feeling blocked or stuck this Hoodoo Road Opener spell can open up a sunny window full of fresh air, options, ideas, situations, people, that were not there before, but just what you need!

Get your road cleared for better journeys!


The Attention Freak Hoodoo Wicca Spell Casting.

The Attention Freak , I love Attention Spell

This Hoodoo Spell is very similar to The famous Hoodoo Follow me Boy love and lust spells. I renamed and put my own spin on it to cover both sexes and more ground!

I created this many years ago after my divorce. I wasn’t ready to settle down, but didn’t want to go as far as a attract one night stands spell either. I just wanted attention and to be reassured constantly I was hot and had options !! 🙂

This is a fun spell for the adventurous attention freak in all of us. Get your Ego on!!!

Get more attention and feel downright sexy and fabulous. That mindset can change your life in so many surprising ways. Treat yourself to this…your worth it 🙂


The Return EX Lover. 49.99

Love Spell to Return Ex Lover Strong White Magick


White Magic spell , a love spell to return your ex lover to you. Hoodoo Love Drawing to bring your lost love back to your arms fast.

Turn back the hands of time and reunite and reconnect with a past lover. Return your ex home to you. Believe in 2nd chances or maybe even third time is the charm. Get another shot at renewing the love you once shared with this old authentic hoodoo love spell by The Real Witch Hoodoo honey .

Love Protection Spell, Keeps outside influences at bay!


Protect our relationship/marriage from outside influences and harder times.

There are times during a marriage outside influences and situations both of positive and negative types can bring extra stress to us. This could be a new job that takes more of our loved ones time, or a time that their families need them and were left to hold down the Homefront so to speak. Or maybe a mother in laws health or influence is starting to add stress.
Maybe your spouse has made new life changes like Yoga classes or 12 step meetings or attending night school that you know are good changes but your feeling left out anyways.
Most of us will experience this at some point in our relationship or marriage at some point

The protection spell portion of this service is a white magick love protection placed upon your love as a couple, creating a more intensified bond to the bonds you have already, making it harder for stresses to chip away at them.


Contact me now Wicca Spell


Need to get someone unreachable to get a hold of you?
Weither by phone, text, email, letter, chance run in, this spell helps get you back in contact with that person you really need to hear from!!

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